Karachi lawlessness


What difference does it make to an ordinary law abiding citizen, who has been killed, or brutally suffered a permanent disability, whether the bullet that hit him came from a gun of a so-called Islamic fundamentalist, or the extortion and ransom for kidnapping collecting criminal armed with a weapon in Karachi? Those who benefit from this merciless madness and hold Pakistan and its fate at ransom, have already moved lock, stock and barrel from this country possessing other nationalities or permanent residential status. The madness with which spread of weapons has been facilitated in this country and the city of Karachi, which was once the most peaceful metropolitan city of Asia, has only lead to brutalisation and a culture of violence, which many political parties are guilty of patronising in this battle for turf, where billions of rupees are collected as extortion and kickbacks by criminals who hold this city to ransom.
Hired murderers from South Africa or from Afghanistan can walk in through immigration, kill and then leave this country, or just manage to enter this country illegally and spread terror. This is not just the failure of this elected executive, but of the former military junta of Musharaf, which has made Pakistan a sanctuary for criminals and terrorists of all colours and shades. Can we name any other city in Asia or even Africa, with the exception of Somalia, where more than 70,000 containers loaded with weapons or other contraband stuff leave a port, inspite of all this security paraphernalia, just because of the cancer of corruption, greed and politics of reconciliation, where blood is being spilled ruthlessly? The choice Pakistan has is either to enforce the writ of law, or surrender to these criminal mafia gangs, who challenge the laws of land and make mockery of writ of state, either in the name of religion, sect or mandate.
Texas, USA


  1. the killing fields of Karachi are because of criminals, some belonging to political and ethnic cults and other fanatics under cover of religion . All have one thing in common–for them this is big money business.

  2. Ask those who have lost sons, husbands, brothers, daughters and sisters in this mayhem and ruthless killings that have haunted Karachi for decades. These are criminals and murderers, whatever their brand or party affiliations or claims of jihad, they must all be hanged.

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