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Aggression the only way to win against India: Inzamam

Pakistan’s former captain and now batting consultant of the national team, Inzamamul Haq believes that aggressive play in India is the only way of winning the series across the border.
Addressing journalists for the first time after assuming the duties as batting consultant of the Pakistan team, Inzamam said: “Aggressive cricket by our players will be the key to success against India in both the formats of the game during the coming tour later this month.”
He said that ‘consultancy’ is a new experience for him, he will make improvement in the batting side his first priority.
The 42-year old cricketer said a discontinuity in the game creates problems for sportsmen. “Batting technique of our team is not good enough, it should be worked upon”. The more players will practice, the better they will play, he added. He observed that the squad has ‘match winner’ players, but stressed that they will have to ensure real teamwork.
The former leading run-scorer hailed Pakistan Cricket Board’s initiative to hold the event.
He described the Pakistan team a group talented cricketers in all departments of the game and urged the players to stick to a higher level of aggressive cricket to overcome Indian opposition.
“It would be my utmost effort to improve batting techniques of our players who must have aggressive cricket in their mind set,” he added.
Inzamam said it is a new experience for him to associate with the team as a batting expert and he is confident to transform his experience to the players without any difficulty. “I played with most of the members of the present cricket team and I know their temperament and approach and there are some new players in the rank as well and I would be there to help them out in order to lift the overall performance of our batting line,” said the former middle order batsman.
“This time I am in different role with the team and I am fully aware of the responsibility given to me and I am confident to deliver in right direction,” he said.
Inzamam said if the team displays aggressive cricket then it would be able to overcome the pressure of playing against India because Pak-India matches are full of pressure for both the sides. “In T20 games batsmen do not rely much on their technique and their main focus is hitting more and more runs which is only possible when they are batting with sheer concentration and I would be helping them to remain focus during their batting,” said the former captain.
Inzamam said his main focus would be on improving the temperamental and technical aspects of the batting of the players. “There is dire need to work on these two important areas besides giving a match plan to the players to cope the opponents knowing their strength,” he said.
The former test cricketer as a batting consultant he would be helping the players to play every match with a special planning besides the skills of each player in a more effective way.
He praised the interest of Chairman, Pakistan Cricket Board to support every player and to bring back international cricket to Pakistan. “He (chairman) is making all out efforts to ensure that Pakistan plays cricket on regular basis and international cricket returns to Pakistan and resumption of Pak-India cricket ties are part of the efforts of present regime of the PCB,”
He said Pakistan cricketers lack in longer version of cricket because there is no regular cricket or test series in Pakistan and its (Pakistan) home series are being played at natural venues which has restricted the batsmen from giving their best. “If they play on regular basis (test series) on their own grounds, they (players) will improve their batting skills and technique,” To a question, he said he was optimistic about Pakistan teams success during the tour of India.”

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