New province for South Punjab will be defining factor in elections: Gilani


Pakistan’s former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said the defining factor in the upcoming general elections would be support for formation of a new province for South Punjab. “Those supporting the formation of the new province would turn out to be victorious here,” he said, talking exclusively to Pakistan Today.

Gilani said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was the only hurdle in the establishment of the new province, which reflected the wishes of the people of the region. He said if this demand of the people did not materiaise, he would launch a movement in favour of the province.

He said the PML-N must understand the wishes of the people and work towards making them a reality. He insisted that he had sacrificed his premiership to garner practical support for the new province. The people of this area, he said, must be ready to show their commitment to this legitimate demand by casting their votes in favour of those who can actually make it happen.

Gilani further said South Punjab was a key part of Punjab that was unfortunately being neglected by PML-N’s government which was disregarding development funds of the area. Gilani maintained that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) wanted to present the bill for a South Punjab province in the present legislature and was trying its best to achieve that goal. He indicated that the PPP would end the deprivations being faced by the region by establishing a new province here and the people of this region will fully support the party in the upcoming elections.