BNP says free and fair elections necessary


Balochistan National Party (BNP) Acting Chairman Dr Jahanzeb on Friday said that free and transparent elections are vital for the survival of the nation and political integration of Balochistan. Speaking at a seminar Challenges and Opportunities in Balochistan, the party leader said that levies in Balochistan should be transformed into a modern, educated and well-organised outfit and the armed forces entrusted with the responsibility of national security should remain confined to their constitutional mandate.
Speakers at the seminar said that the electronic media should focus on the plight of the common man of Balochistan to create awareness and build understanding in the policy makers for taking effective measures.
The BNP leader spoke on historical, economic, social, ethnic perspective of Balochistan. He was of the view that transparent elections should be held on time to elect a genuine leadership in a conducive environment.
Referring to poor law and order situation in the province, he lamented that Baloch people had been factionalised into various groups and parties, some of which have embraced extremism. He further added that no one is safe from their target killing. He himself could not move without proper guard in the province
Jahanzeb told the gathering that there are 65 to 81 tribal leaders who are selectively enthroned to power in the federal and provincial cabinet at will by the government of the time. He expressed strong reservations to the revenue-expenditure equation. He said Balochistan was almost half of Pakistan. The revenue generated by Balochistan from Sandak, Rekodek, Chamalan, Sui and Gwadar is not linked with the resources of the province, showing meager relative figures as compared to other provinces, thus finding plea that the province should have less share in the revenues on the basis of its less population i.e. 6.8 million.