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Supreme Court orders PIA to freeze fresh hiring

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered to freeze new hiring at the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) while asking the PIA management to present details of all the hiring made so far.
Hearing a case on corruption at the national flag carrier, Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry observed that there is a need to impose ‘financial emergency’ in PIA.
During the hearing, the three-member bench also ordered ordered to present details about general sales agents.

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  1. @rizv_2 said:

    Why is the CJ is not takeover all responsibilities of govt and and imposed a Judicial Martial law in the country the nation want to see his efficiencies and talent and also may be he could control the terrorism by his allies Taliban

  2. Shahzad said:

    Was PIA still hiring? My God. What kind of nation we are? Every one has his share in looting Pakistan. Whether small or big?

  3. Bali said:

    PIA has been ruined by design and ill-intent by this corrupt government and the criminal cronies that they select to head national airline. PIA should sack all those employees involved in financial irregularities and those who submitted fake degrees at time of induction. These criminal pilots who gave fake degrees should face criminal charges and their pilot licences cancelled.

  4. Mohammed said:

    Proves once again that the corrupt,inept and damn awful govt of PPP is incapable of governing. It should not take the CJ to make decisions that any self respecting government should be making. This PPP/PML alliance of robbing Pakistan needs to be stopped today.

  5. Rehan said:

    Supreme court to investigate corruption by Naveed Malik and Md pia in SATS contract with PIA terminated after spending one bn in last 5 years without achieving objective of outsourcing of catering services. rehan

  6. Informer said:

    Supreme court should ask the new md captain junaid younis how come his 3 sons got into pia

  7. M Khalid said:

    Thieves have been told to run it and now this new guy ex army MOD guy is also incompetent he does not know civilian aviation and the MD says with new aircraft he will say 45% on fuel efficiency, Well PIA fuel must be different from the rest of the world and aircraft's running on CNG and a bit of fuel maybe he can save 45%.
    What are the Lease rates what is the deal and who is giving what type of aircraft etc. all information is hidden, you only hide when you wish to do some private deal ? Is that why till now PAK GOVT has not employed professionals.

    In UK The UK Govt has given bank of England treasury job to a Canadian as he is the best for the job Pak No, you know why Zardari does not have any mates who are too professional………………..

    All rubbish his people give on savings and sacking employees is all false and no foundations……….and listeners do not know whatever rubbish is fed ot them they say ok. The blind leading the blind…………………………

  8. Mohammed said:

    CJ for PM as the PPP seems icapable of protecting any nationalised from their own corruption. The PPP are a disgrace!

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