Justice (R) Rana Bhagwan Das retires


Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Chairman Justice (R) Rana Bhagwan Das retired from his post on Friday.
According to media reports, the authorities are mulling Lt (r) Shafaqat Ahmed’s, who had been a military secretary of former Army Chief and President General (r) Prevez Musharraf, as a successor of Bhagwan Das.
Justice Bhagwan Das, a highly respected name of the Pakistani judiciary, was a senior judge and former acting chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (CJP).
He remained the acting CJP during the 2007 judicial crisis in Pakistan and became the first Hindu and the second non-Muslim to serve as chief of the highest court in Pakistan.


  1. Why should a retired general be even considered to head the Fed Public Service Comm, which is the premier civil service selection body. What has the relevance of his military experience got to do with this job. Nothing waht so ever!.

  2. excuse me..fo ru r kind info the guy has been a military secretary. he has been a top of the lien General..and if u must know ..a General is in touch with studies and courses till his hair turn grey,,, the guy is a gradute of national defense university and has been to many countries as a military attache..he has a wide ranging experience of both civil and military set up..so chill and relax buddy.atleast he is better then any civilian dumb, who are often lack of interest in their careers…

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