JIC on Lal Masjid incident challenged in SC


The Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) constituted to probe the Lal Masjid incident has been challenged in the Supreme Court (SC).
According to details, the petitioner named Shahid Orakzai pleaded in his petition that one member commission led by a judge of the Federal Shariah Court which was framed by the SC was unconstitutional. The court could not constitute an inquiry commission in any criminal case, however, in civil cases such commission could be made, he added. The petitioner said that in the Lal Masjid case, an armed clash had taken place between Ghazi Abdul Rashid’s men and government security forces, adding that it was a criminal case.
Citing to constitutional provisions the petitioner said the judge of the Shariah court was not bound to comply with the orders of the SC to head an inquiry commission, therefore, the judicial commission formed should be restrained from performing this function.
The SC registrar office would review the aspect of maintainability or non-maintainability of the petition and decide the case accordingly.