Robbers have a field day


Robberies took place in different areas of the city on Wednesday. According to details, a robbery took place at Annie Fabrics in Mansoora Bazaar. Sources said that robbers broke into the shop and robbed cloth worth Rs 1.5 million. The police reached the scene, gathered evidence and filed an FIR against unknown persons on the complaint of the shop owner. In another incident, a robbery took place in the house of Zaheer Ashraf. According to details, four robbers entered his house, held his family hostage at gunpoint and stole gold, cash and mobile phones and fled. Moreover, another robbery incident occurred in the area of Kotha-Pind, Faisal Town. According to details, robbers broke into the house of Muhammad Ashraf and robbed gold worth Rs 200,000 and Rs 90,000 in cash.