Parr delves into the art of war


Former Williams chairman Adam Parr has explained publicly for the first time, and in the novel format of a cartoon book, why he abruptly left the Formula One team just when he had been identified as Frank Williams’ heir apparent. In “The Art of War: Five years in Formula One,” the Briton presents an eyewitness account of a period of intense political turbulence and paddock in-fighting from 2006 to his sudden resignation last March. As he spells out in the 80-page hardback, profound differences with Formula One’s octogenarian supremo Bernie Ecclestone over a new commercial ‘Concorde’ agreement and the future direction of the sport led to him taking a bullet for the sake of the team. “I had resigned that week, rightly or wrongly believing that Ecclestone had told my board that no Concorde offer would be forthcoming while I was running Williams,” wrote Parr of the events of March 25.