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India beat Pakistan to lift Blind T20 World Cup

India became world blind cricket champion on Thursday, beating Pakistan by 29 runs in the final of T20 World Cup for the sightless.
According to media reports, Pakistan were all out for 228runs in 20 overs.
Earlier, visually impaired team of India set 259-run target for Pakistan in 20 overs.
Arch rivals India and Pakistan clashed today as both teams cruised through semi-finals Wednesday, beating Sri Lanka and England respectively at the Central College ground here.
Winning the toss, Pakistan captain Shekar Naik invited India to field first. Led by captain Shekar Naik, the India made a breezy start posting 258 runs in the stipulated 20 overs.
Pakistani bowlers Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Jameed and Muhammad Irdrees took two wickets each.
The players were classified into three categories – totally blind as B1, partially blind as B2 and with partial vision B3. Each team of 11 members comprises four blind (B1), three partially blind (B2) and four with partial vision (B3). The wicketkeeper is a B3 player.
Interestingly, for every run scored by the blind, one more is added. As a result, a hit to the boundary was counted as eight and a sixer as 12.

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