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Dual nationality: Petition moved in SC against MPs

A petition has been submitted in the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry on Tuesday seeking cancellation of the parliament membership of the lawmakers who failed to submit their affidavits affirming they did not hold dual nationality. The petition also requested the court to bar the ‘guilty’ lawmakers from contesting the upcoming general elections. It also called for the cancellation of the basic membership of the legislators “for failing to abide by the law”.

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One Comment;

  1. Imtiaz said:

    Which member of NA or senate has ceased or given up Pakistani citizenship and acquired a foreign citizenship? If anyone of them has done that then their nomination papers should have been rejected prior to elections not after. The drama of dual citizenship is not invented, practiced and publicized by the ordinary people but the establishment. By offering dual citizenship and recognizing it has opened the doors for confusion. When a Muslim man can be fair, faithful and equal to four wives at the same time why one cannot respect the laws of both countries?
    What has election commission headed by top judges been doing since the first elections during Gen Mush? Why would these judges wake up after hibernation of four long years? Why their nomination papers were not examined 5 years ago? How can these same judges who “qualified” these candidates now disqualify them after people’s verdict?
    Why judges do not turn this move to their own clan? There are number of judges in higher and lower courts that keep dual nationality but no action is taken against they. Why this discrimination??

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