Imran Khan short lists most corrupt people of Pakistan


Imran Khan, Chief of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has listed down some 200 corrupt people in Pakistan, will soon reveal their names.
Its pertinent to mention here, the recent ranking of Corruption Perception Index (CPI) shows that Pakistan’s ranking has raised from being 42nd most corrupt country in 2011 to 33rd in 2012.
With Land Revenue claiming the top spot followed by the Police Department and then the Income Tax, the increase in corruption in major departments in surprising.
Addressing a rally in Lodhran, southern Punjab, Khan said that not only will he sweep the upcoming elections in Pakistan, end corruption and also put an end to the use of Pakistani soil for terrorism within three months.
Khan lashed out at the PPP leadership and stated that, they are biggest crocodile in politics scenario, the have cracked down every record of corruption in the world.
He said he had launched his mass contact drive from South Punjab to listen to the voice of the people of the area and his party would never ignore their desire. “We will give a healing touch to your miseries,” he added.
Imran Khan said the Punjab government was spending development funds of South Punjab on its election campaign which was a major discrimination, adding Nawaz Sharif was replicating all the ideas of the PTI and now he was talking to create a new Pakistan which was a slogan of his party.
After coming into power, PTI will listen to the voice of the people of the area and his party would never ignore their desire, he added.
In his visit to Punjab, Imran Khan is to tour more than 200 sub districts, towns and rural areas in 16 south Punjab districts as part of the PTI’s election.


  1. Imran was too young to remember the 303 names of the corrupt government officials who were dismissed by General Ayub to restore confidence in the government and the departments.That was a long time ago.Today to name 200 corrupt individuals is meaningless.The whole system is corrupt.If Imran is serious to eradicate corruption then he is on the wrong road to no where.Education is the only solution and the change comes after going on this road for at least 50 years!Yes a long time.It is not a quick fix which will be resolved by naming and shaming individuals.We as a nation has gone well passed that.

    • 303 were not dismssed by Ayub Khan. It was Yahya Khan who dismissed 303. Then Bhutto dismissed 1300. Ayub Khan dismissed/disqualified politicians (EBDO)

  2. Just failed to understand that PTI supporters think IK is a "+Messiah+" because he has done great wonder by building Shaoukat Khanum hospital – they simply forget to acknowledge this hospital is made by donations of millions of Pakistani.

    But just because IK has built a hospital in this country that why he deserve to be a Prime Minister is totally a absurd realization. If that criteria is correct than no one else deserve much to become the Prime Minister for life than Moulana Abdul Sattar Edhi – there is no comparison or match between Edhi and IK. Can someone compare Edhi for the goodwork he has done for the poor of this country ? IK is just a busted *c*o*n*d*o*m.

    • If edhi was running for election Id vote for him. Since he is not then Imran makes the logical next choice. Why would I vote for zardari, altaf or nawaz they dont even pay taxes.

  3. No, it was General Yahya khan and not general Ayub khan who dismissed 303 bureaucrats. Three months is enough time to bring "change ' by diverting national resources to the betterment of 80% have nots by bringing reforms in education, health, infrastructure development, good governance, justice system by adopting Saudi Arabia model or UK model.

    • No u r wrong…it was Gen Ayub Khan who dismissed 303 people, Mr Arshad is correct…read history….

      • it was sharaabi general yahya who sent 303 officials home, and he also returned one half of the country to the enemy because Bhutto didn't play good politics at the time.

  4. IK survey of 200 most corrupts people in Pakistan is a clear indication where he wants to take Pakistan in coming years. This proofs IK can be a good investigation officer at FIA branch office, rather than become a capable PM to run an Army of Nuclear country, and take alongwith him different parties of provinces with different ideologies.

    IK can just spread the agenda of Taliban in Pakistan.

  5. I do hope and pray that IK wins the election, he is the only man that can help and save Pakistan. He is the 1 and only man who has made changes and not just preached. All the others politican are filling their own pockets and sucking up to the West. IK inshallah will win. It can be done. I don't understand how people can even think about supporting over parties, what did Nawaz and Mr Bhutto do for Pakistan??? wake up Pakistan.

  6. Alia – IK made a hospital it was a step in the right directions. They are other hospital in other city. These were established because many Pakistan's around the world have faith in his vision. He has IK foundation which slowly will mproving the quality of life for the unreached and underserved in Pakistan. He is the only man standing up and protecting us from corrupted politican, and from these drone strikes. You and other people should visit his website. I was never into politicans, but want Pakistan to come out from all these issues we are facing. Inshallah everything will be fine as long as we have a good leader – IK

  7. We have tried all…why not try IK ? give him a chance, what will happen ? will not be worse than what it is TODAY…..

  8. islam forbids gambling alcoholism nightclubs dirty dancing ….. so imrankhan by his own confession took rs 150 crores tip from a jew firangi gambler whom imrankhan saisd imrankhan gave gambling tip … imrankhan seen manytimes drinking free whiskies from goras embassys — dirty dancing at aged 62yrs old in many nightclubs even lastmonth –with loose women –loose rich women of his daughters ages !!!

    imrankhan niazi punjabi father –yet he calls himself FALSE PATHAN ..SO a pathan fathered imrankhan niai ????? he abuses and insults his own mother for pathan votes !!!!!!!!!! yes this KAAFIR E ISLAM GADAAR E PAKISTAN FIRANGI GULAM SHARAABI JUHAARI SHALL BE PM OF PAKISTAN GUARENTEED IN MAY 2013 .. HIS MEGA MORAL AND ALL SORTS OF MONEY CORRUPTIONS IS SELF EVIDENT FOR ANYONE TO SEE –ANYONE WHO IS NOT DEAF AND BLIND HARAAMKHORDALAAL..

  9. ere's a question for all you Imran Khan supporters,How does Imran Khan plan to get rid of corruption,whith who,where will he find these honest people????? Does he plan to do it all by himself???? all these people that joined PTI where at some point part of either PPP or PML-N.Now he thinks that they are honest just because they joined PTI?? NO,thesy joined PTI because they think they will get important positions in the government ifPTI wins(fat chance)These so called honest people came to PTI because they didn't get what they were promised by their previous parties.Just because you remove that floating t*u*r*d* from the water doesn't make it a gold piece.I don't like PPP,PML-N,PTI,MQM,heck I don't care for any of these parties in case someone thinks that.


  11. NIAZI IS KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN PAID BY INDIAN MEDIA TO GIVE ANTI ISLAM ANTIPakistan live tv interviews only last week !!!!!!!!!!!!

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