No immunity for anyone come what may, says CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Chaudhry said the independent judiciary had rendered landmark judgments on the sole criterion “that is all and sundry to follow rule of law and there is no immunity for anyone come what may”.
While addressing the roll signing ceremony of newly enrolled advocates of the Supreme Court (SC) on Saturday, the CJP said the country had witnessed unprecedented changes in the wake of the lawyers’ movement which resulted in healthy debates about the need to change old ways when the supremacy of the constitution was challenged. “This is a new Pakistan where old structures are crumbling and past demons of extra constitutional deviations are being exterminated one by one. We have learnt from history that no country can realise the dream of progress and prosperity for its people without following the route of rule of law and supremacy of constitution. The early we imbibe this message in the life blood of our existence, the sooner we will reach the Promised Land,” said the CJP.
He formally welcomed the newly enrolled lawyers and remarked that their enrolment as lawyers of the SC was a significant acknowledgement of their lifelong commitment to the profession of law.
The CJP said the profession of law was a noble one in the sense that its members were equally responsible for the administration of justice and as practitioners of law their behaviour had to reflect these values.
Chaudhry, speaking to the lawyers, said appearing in the apex court of the country meant it was their added responsibility to become well versed with the challenges being faced by the bench and the bar. He encouraged them to perform their duties with dedication, ensuring high levels of efficiency.


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  1. This man has done several good things for the country, His commitment to continue with rule of law is adorable. He did not handle his son's case with justice and for that he will be taken to task after retirement.

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