Muslims stage rally in New York to condemn US massacre of people in Pakistan


Thousands of Muslims gathered outside the UN Headquarters and Pakistan Embassy in New York on Friday to protest against the massacre of over 10,000 Shiite Muslims due to US attacks on Pakistan.
The demonstrators, enraged at the United States’ continuous drone attacks in Pakistan, chanted “There is no Taliban” and “Stop Massacring the Shiites of Pakistan”. They also voiced anger at the Pakistani government’s inaction against the killings. The rally was supported by some well-known American elites and academic figures such as Noam Chomsky, Reza Aslan and Juan Cole.
Despite repeated protests by Islamabad, the United States has not halted its drone strikes in Pakistan which has caused strong anti-American sentiments among the local people.
In the latest US drone strike on Thursday, at least four people were killed in Pakistan’s tribal area of North Waziristan.
Thursday’s US drone strike was the 37th of its kind in Pakistan in 2012.
In similar a protest last month, a number of human rights organizations lashed out at the US for its vast drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan which have led to the massacre of a large number of civilians in the two countries.
“The US has violated the international human rights laws by using drones in military operations which have claimed the lives of a large numbers of civilians,” a report by the human rights organization said in November.
“As the world has apparently turned a blind eye to the United States’ continuous crimes, innocent people in Afghanistan are suffering from horrifying consequences due to the depleted uranium munitions used by the American and British soldiers in the country,” the report added.
A comprehensive report released recently unveiled the realities of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, and warned that the depleted uranium bullets and munitions used by the US forces in the country have left horrifying and disastrous impacts on the Afghan children.


  1. The rally was not in protest of Shias massacred by US drone attacks. The rally was in protest of over 10,000 Shias massacred by Taliban extremists and other terrorists who have systematically targeted the Shia minority in Pakistan. This article has severely distorted the message of the rally and its organizers. The rally wished to hold the Pakistani government responsible for protecting their Shia minority and bringing those responsible for this genocide to justice. I am seriously doubting the authenticity of Pakistan Today as a media organization, and I expect a retraction for this article immediately.

  2. Please check your facts before posting such articles, this rally had absolutely nothing to do with US drone attacks in Pakistan.

  3. As mentioned above the protest had to do with the TALIBAN MASSACRING SHIITE MUSLIMS. What kind of news site is this? Get your facts straight.

  4. This news article is very distorted and simply wrong. US drone attacks had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS RALLY, and this rally was to protest the taliban massacring the shi'ite minority. Through this rally, we were trying to tell the government to protect the Shi'ite minority, and to stop the taliban killing Shias. We demand that this paper delete this article, or update it to what is right because wrong information is not tolerated. Thumbs up if you agree.

  5. Please publish a retraction and an article stating correct facts. The rally was to protest the killings of Shias is Pakistan by the “MUSLIMS” and by the Drones.

  6. This is a very distorted reporting. Although no one would endorse drone attacks or killing of human lives in any form but the demonstration in New York was against the barbaric target killing of shia muslims in Pakistan.

  7. I am simply amazed at how inaccurate this report is. Did Pakistan Today bother to have a representative present at the rally? Obviously not! Anyone present would have heard the repeated chants of “Down Down Taliban; Shame Shame Taliban; Shame Shame Zardari; Stop Shia Killings, etc”, and could never have written a report like this. There are only two conclusions one could reach after reading this report: 1. This report represents a highly irresponsible and lazy attempt at journalism, or 2. Pakistan Today wants to deliberately confuse and misreprepresent the rally to divert attention from those responsible for this deliberate Genocide of the Shia Muslims of Pakistan (Taliban, Members of the banned Lashkar-e-jhangvi, and those supporting them). You owe your readers not only a full retraction of this story and an apology, but a full nvestigation of reasons behind this report. This would be essential to establish the credibility of Pakistan Today.

  8. Immensely surprised and disappointed by this fabricated report. The rally was staged to protest indiscriminate masacare of Shia Muslims in Pakistan by Taliban and their supporters. Please refrain from spreading misinformation across.

  9. What a shameful act of PakistanToday.

    Now we have to protest against PakistanToday – May Allah and Ahlulbait curse on PakistanToday – Ameen

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