Mehreen Syed only Pakistani in top 20 of world famous sexiest list


Supermodel, Spokesperson for L’Oreal and CEO of International Fashion Academy Pakistan (IFAP) Mehreen Syed is ranked #10 in the world famous sexiest list published in the Eastern Eye newspaper, one of UKs leading daily publication.
The Sexiest List’s Top 20 has historically been dominated exclusively by the Bollywood divas since inception, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwirya Rai, Bipasha Basu amongst others.
Mehreen Syed has now joined the exclusive top 10s of Sexiest List 2012 while Bollywood queens Aishwirya Rai and Rani Mukherji were ranked 16th and 22nd respectively. Deepika Padoukone, who was #10 on the Sexy List 2011 is now ranked #4 on the list.
Asjad Nazir, UKs most celebrated personality, host and journalist is the chairman of the judging panel of the Sexiest List 2012 that was published on the 7th of December in the UK. During the time votes were being casted for this list, Asjad trended on Twitter for 5 straight days, beating Bollywood icons like Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra.
“Super model turned television personality Mehreen Syed has been an amazing global ambassador for Pakistan in 2012 and won fans all over the world. Apart from being amazingly beautiful, she has an impressive list of achievements to be proud of including being in the top 10 of this year’s list. The fact that Mehreen is about to embark on an acting career means she will get an even bigger global presence and carry on representing her country internationally,” said Asjad Nazir.


    • Sorry to say brother but will you let your sister/mother/daughter/wife bring such a 'Good news' to home? This girl is showing her body openly to the whole world and you are saying 'good news for Mehreen'. Don't promote such cheap activities please.

      • Does her body bother you or do you get excited looking at it. Simple solution is just dont look at it.

        • Both. If her pic wasn't on the page the page owner would have saved me from the sin.And bro if there are such glasses which split the computer screen such that I can see the half page and not the other half,then please let me know.

          • What happens to you when you see her picture? Why it is your problem? I really dont understand. There are much worse things are happening around you. Pay attention to them rather then getting excited unneccasrily seeing her picture.

  1. Best wishes for mehreen. Anyway, the fact remain that to be the most beautiful or be the sexiest, lies in the eyes of beholder, so is the judgment.

  2. ma ka sood………………….not having enough to eat and trying to preach others??? Go and first earn a bread for your family before preaching.Shame on you Masood………..

    The more you try to be artificial,the more you will be desperate to be natural……………

    • Mr admin there was nothing offensive in my earlier response. Bloody well publish it. I just wanted my feelings to be noted. If there is one end of the spectrum in this society where such things are praised there is another where such acts are frowned upon and u have to admit it. also u have to give due share of coverage to opposing, conflicting, parallel and alike mindsets no matter what. If a mullah has no right to paint a certain picture about our society to the outside world; an ultra- modern doesn't enjoy that right either.

  3. Pakistan is Islamic Republic . Pakistan made on Allah's name . hate this stupid selling women's ! that's why if you give too much permission to females this is what they do they can cross any line !

  4. bhen ke other, where did u get ur ideas from? Someone who endorses her act will, i suppose, have no right to stop his sister from participating into such events should she decides to do so? Am i right or wrong? I would still say shame to her.

  5. Amazing how a girl gets famous and all h*e*l*l* breaks lose.All you so called muslim men,religious men start playing the Islam card,talk about lying,cheating on your spouses,treating them like dirt.Atleast a woman doesn't hide behind her immoral thoughts like you do.Shame on you for using the words like,permission.Who dies and made you king.

    • One more thing,my point is this,when we die,ALLAH is going to ask us what "WE" did to be a good muslim,he will hold us each accountable for our "OWN" actions,not others.So quit judging others and worry about your own doings Mr.Muslims and start appreciating the women in your home,they need love and respect,without them,we are nothing.Everyone has the right to do as they please,they are answerable to ALLAH for their wrong doings,not you.So save me the sermon on being a muslim.

      • "Everyone has the right to do as they please"
        If you are a male,will you let your sister/daughter/mother/wife do as they please e.g activities like that of mehreen syed???
        If you are a female,will you let your husband do as he pleased to do I mean hang out with other females in immoral ways???
        If you do any of the above, then the debate between you and me is over because it will mean that we are at 180 degree difference.

      • You make a good point that we will be judged for our actions. That is very true sister. But remember by prasing this model then that is praising something that Allah has forbidden remember that. So its nothing to do with fame. As Muslims we are commanded to speak the truth and everyone knows that Islamically women cannot expose their beauty so there is no argument. And this is not about judgement if someone does something openly you have to speak the truth. Im not saying she's going to hell or anything like that no one has that right. However we have the right at as Muslims to speak the truth and if there is an action that contradicts Islam then it is obligatory upon us to speak out! And yes everyone has the right to do as they please as Allah has given us free will but by the same token as Muslims we must always speak the truth and speak out against anything that is against Islam. I am speaking out against the action as is my and our Islamic duty and not her nor am I damning her to hell. Please note the difference!

    • You said "At least a woman doesn't hide behind her immoral thoughts like you do."
      In your opinion as for as I understand,you want to say that women are courageous because they don't hide their immoral thoughts. First of all not all woman are proud of their immoral thoughts,this is your wrong perception. Secondly women or men,both should hide their immoral thoughts because there is some hadith which guides us so. This will not popularize and make the sins commonplace thing.

    • How do you know she does or doesn't? and how does it matter to you? Do you follow Islam? if you do why are you on this page anyway?

  6. No one has a right to do as one pleases.Religion and society both determine our norms. I don't know how ladies like Mehreen face their parents, brothers and other family members.

    • Has soceity decided to kill each other every day which is happening in great isalmic Republic of Pakistan. Did soceity decide to become most corrupt nation in the world, whic is fact as far pakistan is concerened. Pakistan is most dangereous place in thw world, where there is no rule of law. These thing are much more important rather than engaging in discussion and passing judgemet based on what you thnk. Wake up guys. Think to solve real problems,

  7. pakistan zindabad ye wahid mulk he jo islam ke name per bena he is ko trne wale ya is kokhane wale gendigi ke keerey he jo gendagi me hi khutm ho jaegey

  8. Hi Mehreen I want to say that you are showing courage to girls like me. I want to be famous internationally like you 🙂 And Pakistan was made in the name of Islam? Let it be. I was born for my freedom. And I want Pakistan to be country for everyone's freedom and freedom of thought down with mullahs!

      • Islam is being used to suppress freedom of people and stop normal running of society. All of Pakistanies want to go to Europe and USA why? Becoz progress in Science and Tech can only be made if free thinking is allowed. Otherwise we will produce turbanized and low-brain individuals like jihadi mullahs which are main production of Pakistan.

    • Jia, the women in pakistan will some day have their due rights to justice and equality..Best! take care there..Mike/philippines

    • Right now Pakistan nation has submitted to TTP, who are killing every body every day. Peolpe are afraid (scared to death) to go to mosque for submission to Allah.

      • U r right my brother. This is unfortunate. Those sitting at the helm of affairs in our country are too corrupt, to indifferent, too incompetent and too self- centered to think for Pakistan. For us. For the poor people. Kalabagh Dam is a case in point. The poor people of country will benefit from it as far as my knowledge is concerned but the issue has been made so controversial that a valuable project has to be scrapped. I dont know what information u have on this project. I may be wrong.

    • I agree Chauhdary saab, she is beautiful. I also join u to pray that God bless her. But i also venture to condemn what she is doing. Because i am also a Muslim and a Chauhdary . I wont ever like to endorse obscenity and immodesty.

      • Everyone has the right to do whatever he wants to do, with the condition that his acts shud not harm any other person's freedom or rights.

  9. Better than bollywood for sure and i am from there

    Aishwarya is now fat ,, and the rest in bolly have becopme ugly except for katrina thumbs up for this pakistan babe

  10. I red this in Ad. "Mehreen Syed only Pakistani in top 20 of world famous sexiest list" And opened the page to see the beauty. I am amazed why Mullah's open the page if they dont like to see sexy girls !
    By the way Pakistan was not made for Islam but was made to protect muslim's rights.

    • Ghani Khan(a Pashtoon philosopher) says "Toba hala da sharabo,chay sharab darta prata wee"
      Translation is:When wine is in front of u, and u abstains it,only then are u the true Momin".
      Brother according to Ghani Khan philosophy we are not true Momins, our level is "don't offer us a glass of wine please". So why do u offer us?Isn't it interference in our space???Don't we have the right to freedom????The media amalgamets such "wine" with pure water!!! Media is public thing why should it be adulterated with such wine????We have equal right on the media, man!!!!! By the way I am not Mullah, I haven't beard but I appreciate Beardies bcoz they are following at least one Sunnah more than me.

  11. Being pakistani i proved!!!!! but this words cant say by Mehreen Syed…….who hits and damages the respects of our country and caste of Syed……Sham on u Mehreen

  12. Being pakistani i proved!!!!! but this words cant say by Mehreen Syed…….who hits and damages the respects of our country and caste of Syed……Sham on u Mehreen

  13. In her field she has achieved something. We should appreciate her efforts in her work. Please leave the religious and political views aside guys. Learn to appreciate others for a change.

  14. There is a tendency in so called liberals to brand anyone as a Mullah who criticizes Mahreen. First being a mullah is nothing to be ashamed of. Those trying to contour and exploit the not so latent negative connotation attached to this term are either too influenced that they are towing the western lines just for the sake of it or either they have some dirty ulterior motive. Then there are some who have become westernized beyond repair. I have a word of caution for such folks and that is that they are attempting to please their masters and annoy Allah… may be inadvertently. So we all need to set right our priorities. Secondly, if those who are criticizing Mahreen be taken as Mullahs then sadly for her supporters almost 98% Pakistanis are Mullahs. I may sound rash but in our society there are many factors in addition to religion that will continue to hinder such nonsense as done by Mahreen; Honor, male- chauvinism…. even misogyny and other cultural influences etc are a few to name.

  15. We got a bunch of jealous pricks here who cant digest the fact that a Pakistani woman can be hot, i think she is gorgeous and there should be more pretty faces like her in the world representing our interests…Thumbs up

  16. Some of you people are ridiculous! Brother Masood is talking the Haq – the truth! Remember he is not talking from his own desires he is talking about the law and commandment of Allah! So those of you who wish to criticise him be very careful about what you say for you are criticising what Allah has commanded! Are you praising a woman for exposing her beauty? Whether you like it or not a woman exposing her beauty is not permissable in Islam. How is it extreme to follow the commandment of Allah! If this is the case then I will happily label myself extreme! I honestly feel sorry for those who are indoctrinated by the west and aspire to be like this model. Fahd it has nothing to do with jealousy! What is there to be jealous off? You are talking utter rubbish remember to promote this woman is to the promote a way other than the way of which Allah has prescribed for us! So if you are a Muslim there is no justification to promote or admire this woman its as simple as that. Pakistani or not that does not come into the equation!

  17. NOT the Pakistan I left behind. If we keep mixing apples and oranges, what will the final confused product be? No one is saying – burka. But this?

  18. I would say that our great religion does not allow our Muslim ladies such free style activities. As for Mehreen, she is a beautiful lady. She can do a lot more in our own country instead posing her before others.

  19. shame on you mahreen you are a MUSLIM girl and think what are you doing and what are you showing to the whole world and what you are telling to the world about Pakistan and Pakistani culture???????????????????????????????????
    Really shame on you

  20. i see comments on this piece continue to pour in still…..after many weeks. On tho other hand there have been many useful articles which went absolutely unheeded and un- commented. Such is the power of putting armpits on display and such is the power that this word ***exy has. If we wish to draw and attract attention of the masses to some thing very important benefiting from this crowd drawing charismatic word wont be a bad idea. How about giving captions like a "***exy long march by Dr Tahirul Qadri " or a ***xy shift in Army's threat perception" . Aanyways any update on Mehreen Jamal??????

  21. Highly shameful !!!!!!
    Using a word of syed with this act is regretful and I strongly condemned. She must either change her name or profession and not use word syed at all as long as she is involved in exposing her body.

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