Lack of colleges in cantonment area irks residents


The lack of a public sector college in Rawalpindi Cantonment has deprived residents of the basic facility of education and put the government’s slogan of “education for all” to shame.
Rawalpindi Cantt covers a large area and is home to millions of people, who have been deprived of easy access to higher education in colleges in the area. Private colleges in the cantonment specifically cater to the elite class and the general population does not have access to affordable public sector colleges.
“The non-existence of a government-owned college is problematic for all. My sons can brave this problem and travel to remote areas but I cannot allow my daughter to commute to those colleges on public transport,” said Ghulam Muhammad, a local.
“We send our girls to colleges in remote areas but we remain anxious about their safe return home,” said Ghazala, a housewife.
During the previous regime, separate colleges for boys and girls had been approved and their construction had begun on Dhok Syedan Road, but the present government had suspended that project. Residents have requested the government to provide seperate colleges for girls and boys as soon as possible.


  1. Its been pretty important for the college authorities to take immediate steps because in most of the cases these are even said to be of even more importance to regard about the better provisions of objects.

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