Intra-party polls a milestone: PTI


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi pronounced the intra-party elections as a milestone and said the party was gathering strength and setting up a model of a genuine democratic party. He was speaking to the dissolved provincial body about the Sindh’s Party Elections that are intended to be held this January. Imran Ismail, Nadi Akmal Khan Laghari, Subhan Ali Sahil, Ashraf Qureshi, Jamal Siddiqui and various party representatives were in attendance. Dr Alvi explained the cause of Intra-Party Elections as to reinforce party’s structure and make the hierarchy more interactive so that it may play more effective role in national politics. He further explained that this is a revolutionary process for a country where main political parties are the family parties. This step could only be taken under the leadership of Imran Khan as PTI believes in merit. He said that other parties are the family parties who do not wish for democracy. They are just interested to prolong their monarchy. He claimed that the decision of Intra-Party Elections will make it clearer that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the only party heading forward to set up democracy in Pakistan.