‘Kite-makers need to eat too’


HomeNet Pakistan on Thursday held an awareness meeting to highlight the need for government arrangements for the livelihood of female kite-makers. At the meeting, they said that it was imperative to support the kite-making sector as it had the potential of becoming a major export industry of Pakistan. To highlight the issues of kite-makers, the speakers said that there was a need to impart alternative skills to kite-makers. They also demanded for alternate skills and business training for people in this sector. South Asia Partnership Director Irfan Muftisaid that these workers needed to organise themselves in a group, an organisation or union to have demands addressed. He further said that government should acknowledge this as an industry with potential for export.


  1. Kite makers need to eat doesn't mean they have to suck on innocent people's blood. They should find some job or start selling something that does not kill innocent people.

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