Suddle Commission submits interim report in SC


The one-member Shoaib Suddle Commission probing Dr Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz case submitted its interim report to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
The commission, headed by Shoaib Suddle, alleged that former chief of Bahria Town Malik Riaz was involved in tax evasion of Rs120 billion while Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan, was involved in tax evasion of Rs50.13 million.
The commission also found that Arsalan Iftikhar acquired contracts worth Rs900 million from Telecom Sector. Work on few contracts has been completed.
The interim report also revealed that a company owned by Arsalan Iftikhar by the name of F&A did not submit its audit account for 2010 and 2011 while FBR have no record of tax returns of the other company owned by Arsalan by the name of FAB.
The commission also pointed out the lack of cooperation on part of Interior Ministry and Interior Minister Rehman Malik was held responsible for that.


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  2. I am sure at this time Malik Riaz would have been abusing Shuja pasha, squinted Zaheer ul Islma or other ISI directors for involving him in such back fires mess. Now another case of tax evasion has been coming out of this Pandora box.Good luck MR I hope you will throw your anger on those who actually made this ditch for you and not on Ch ifitkahr who is also serving the nation as per his capacity.Bravo Suddle you again proved your credibility in this last official job.

      • oh no no dont go for it as sadaqa of only kala Baqara or Murgha is allowed in our culture and on the other hand sadaqa of mule, monkey or monster is prohibited so I don't know which category you are naturally fallen.Any how is it wrong that Due to SC under comman dof Ch Iftikhar made this effort and billion rupees tax evasion has been revealed now it is job of FBR and NAB to make this possible.
        now say I am wrong??

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  3. This commission is establito exonerate Arslan Uftilhar. The [rpbe shpuld be focused on hos onvolvement with Malik Riaz.;Let the FBR do its job. the inter, report has not revealed anything knew. Arslan is guilty, all roads lead to him.

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