Corporation: A ‘family theatre’ for officers


Although the appointments of close relatives including the family members of senior officials in almost all the government department have become an order of the day, but here the Sindh Small Industries Corporation has broken all the records in the country, Pakistan Today has reliably learnt.
The majority of the relatives of the serving officers have been inducted on senior grades causing extra financial burden on the already cash-strapped corporation’s finances. Besides, the dirty politics has also played a great role in the appointments of candidates on influence, insiders disclosed.
According to official documents made available with the Pakistan Today, every officer of the corporation used his influence for induction of his blue-eyed that included blood relatives and close family associates.
The deputy managing director, who is presently the SSIC Managing Director (MD), Abid Ali Kaimkhani, inducted his brother-in-law Hasnain as shopkeeper, nephews Zaheer Ahmed, Haseeb and Mazhar as clerks and two brothers Fareed and Shareef were also appointed on request of the managing-director.
Moreover, Asif Jah, Modler, brother of Aftab Bhatti, Joint Director, Nooruddin (reporter), brother-in-law of Jumman, shop manager, Khurram Akhtar (clerk), son of Aijaz Akhtar Memon, Director Admn, Asim (clerk), son of Aijaz Akhtar Memon Director (Admn), Syed Khalid Shah (peon) relative of Imdad Ali Shah Regional Director Hyderabad, Amir Khan brother of Abid clerk, Kamran electrician (clerk) son of contractor Akhtar, Ali Hyder Brohi (clerk) son of Director Imam Bux Brohi, Khalid Mallah (peon) Imdad Ali Shah RD.
And Sami Zafar (accounts clerk) son of Illahi Bux Shaikh ex-joint director, Khuram Aijaz (clerk) son of Aijaz Akhtar, Muhammad Khalid clerk Imam Bux director, Irshad Ali Bugti (clerk) Imam Bux Director, Muhammad Ismail (peon) Imam Bux Director, Ali (clerk) Imam Bux Director, Khalid Ahmed Shaikh (clerk) Imam Bux Director, Rafiq Ahmed (clerk) Imam Bux Director, Shabir Ahmed Brohi (clerk) Imam Bux Director, Muhammad Akbar son of Mohammad Aslam ex-assistant director, Muhammad Asif (electrician) nephew of Mohammad Naeem Deputy Director, Muhammad Fahad Saeed (clerk) nephew of Mohammad Naeem Deputy Director, Shazia (clerk) sister of Seema Kafeel Assistant Director, Nadeem (sale assistant) sister’s husband of Seema Kafeel Assistant Director, Amir Ali (clerk) son of Mushtaq Leghari Deputy Managing Director, Mutlib Shah (clerk) sister-in-law of Sajjad Assistant Asim Mir (clerk) son of Mir Muhammad record keeper, Aftab (clerk) brother-in-law of Mushtaq Mallah General Secretary of the Union, Azam (peon) brother of Mushta Mallah General Secretary Union, Noor ul Din (clerk) brother in law of Muhammad Juman accounts assistant, Shah Nawaz (clerk) brother of Muhammad Jumman accounts assistant, Asif Jaw (modler) brother of Aftab Bhatti Joint Director, Kamran (clerk) brother-in-law of Tanweer computer operator.
The political appointments included: Syed Azizuddin as assistant director (BPS-16), Haseen Ali (BPS-16), Qamar ul Huda accounts assistant (BPS-11), SM Rehan Shafi accounts assistant, Imran Faisal as electrician, Junaid Iqbal, Syed Riazuddin Asim as clerk, Amir Hussain as clerk, Muneer Khan as clerk, Muhammad Zubair as clerk, Kashif Basit Mirza as clerk, Muhammad Kashif Changezi as clerk, Muhammad Sohail as accounts clerk, Asad Jafri as accounts clerk, Muhammad Ishtiaq Hussain as accounts clerk, Nyara Tabsum as clerk, Awaisul Haq Siddiqui as clerk, Muhammad Hanif as clerk, Muhammad Javed Shamim as computer assistant, Mumtaz Khan as peon, Muhammad Asif as peon, Farhan Rasheed as clerk, Muhammad Ramzan Bohio as clerk, Danish Naeem as computer operator, Tarachand as peon, Rizwan Ahmed Memon as clerk, Muhammad Adnan Nisar as peon, Mohammad Amir Khan as peon, Amanullah as peon, Muhammad Ishaq as chowkidar, Abdul Aziz as chowkidar, Syed Faisal Hussain as clerk, Ms Uzma Ansari as clerk, Shahbaz Ali as peon, Muhammad Yaqoob as peon, Muhammad Faraz Faizzil as computer assistant, Muhammad Adnan as peon, Muhammad Akram as peon, Asif Ahmed Qureshi as peon, Muhammad Danish as chowkidar, Muhammad Amir Ahsan as chowkidar, Imran Nagori as chowkidar, Muhammad Sultan as peon, Sujauddin as peon, Farhan Khan as chowkidar, Muhammad Mohsin Khan as chowkidar, Atar Iqbal as peon, Iftkhar Khan Sherwani as chowkidar, Ghulam Mustafa as chowkidar, Zakir Hussain as peon, Rizwan Majeed as chowkidar, Amber Usman as clerk, Zeeshan Hassan Hashmi as clerk, Shah Nawaz as peon, Muhammad Khalid as clerk, Abdul Awais Azeem as peon, Nusrat Khatoon as clerk, Kamran Noor Khan as clerk, Muhammad Ali as driver and Rehan Khan (assistant director accounts).
Pakistan Today repeatedly tried to approach SSIC Managing Director Abid Ali Kaimkhani to seek his version, however, his cell phone remained unattended.