Captain among three killed in Wana suicide attack


At least three personnel of security forces, including a captain, were killed and around 20 others injured in a suicide attack at Ziari Noor military camp in Wana, South Waziristan Agency, on Wednesday.
The deceased captain of the armed forces was identified as Captain Iqrar.
Per details the security personnel were on duty at the main gate of the camp when they saw a pickup truck speeding towards the facility. After the driver ignored signals to slow down, the security officials opened fire on the vehicle, triggering a massive blast apparently caused by explosives packed in the vehicle.
Officials said that the explosion razed the boundary wall of the camp and caused the compound of a hospital next to the camp to collapse, injuring a number of people.
The condition of several of the injured was stated to be in danger.
The officials said the vehicle of attack was manned by two people, who they believed had also been killed.
Following the explosion, security forces rushed the injured and the dead to Agency Headquarter Hospital and cordoned off the area for rescue activities.
No group has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack.
A few days ago, pro-government militant commander Mullah Nazir was also injured in a suicide attack in Wana that had claimed eight lives.
After that attack, Nazir and the local administration had directed all militants from the Mehsud tribe to leave Wana, however, the Mehsuds, loyal to TTP chief Hakeemullah Mehsud, have so far been reluctant to leave the area. Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari strongly condemned the suicide attack.


  1. I hope,the sitiuation will ok when mehsud tribes and afghani people are cleand from the city of south waziristan agency WANA. also allowed the people to use the local roads instead they using unsafe and walking way roads around ZERI NOOR,DABKOT& KAREZAI Villages such as angoor ada road through wana bazar. Thanks

  2. I am in Dubai and my home located at Angor ada road closed to Cadet College it,s my kindly request from Pak Army to open the Angor ada road for the local people which they use it from Zerinoor to wana bazar.

  3. Aspecially we need to use the road from Zerinoor Army Colony to Wana bazar with safety and co opration of our Army.thanks in advance

  4. Wana is a capital city of SWA & has a valued history in the tribel area.But one of mager point that the people of this city had reacted against mahsood tribe presently. this point is not batter for wazir.

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