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HEC row: Senate body denies allegations of political pressure

Senate body has denied allegations raised by Dr. Atta Ur Rehman and said that no political pressure is being observed in solving issues pertaining to Higher Education Commission (HEC).
The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Education and Training was held here on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Senator Abdul Nabi Bangash.
Chairman Committee stated that future of the new generation is at stake, no one should highlight the issue in political perspective. He further said that the institution can not be demolished in a bid to favor former executive director Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi.
The Senate standing committee is working within jurisdiction of the law; no one was recruited on political basis neither any scholarship was issued, it was said.
Member committee Senator Afrasayab Khattak said that departmental procedures of the HEC should be carried forward in the light of federal cabinet’s decision comprising on eight pages.
He also demanded that HEC and Secretary Education should clarify the planted allegations on politicians and bureaucracy by Dr. Rehman.
Meanwhile, the Chairman committee stated that Prime Minister is the controlling authority and the committee would work only in the light of his orders.
Moreover, Federal Minister for training and Education Sheikh Waqas Akram told the committee Chairman HEC Dr. Javed Leghari was not true that political leaders approached him regarding ongoing issues of the commission.
“Neither I nor any political leader consulted with the Chairman HEC. If he is true, he should bring forward the names of those politicians, “the minister added.
Secretary Planning and Development Division told the committee HEC is facing budget deficit of Rs. 20 billion. He said 3600 students are presently studying abroad on P

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  1. Ijaz said:

    These Bangashes and Waqases are out to destroy the HEC and morph it into the now extinct UGC. How pathetically shameful or is it shameless?

  2. aziz said:

    Hands off Mr Waqas. Do not destroy HEC as you people did to other Govt organizations, young people will not tolerate.

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