Dr Arsalan returns Rs 4.5 million


The one-member Shoaib Suddle Commission probing Dr Arsalan-Malik Riaz case has prepared its interim report.
According to a private news channel report, Dr Arsalan has returned Rs.4.5 million to Ahmed Khalil’s manager and copies of the cheques have been submitted to the commission. The report said that Dr Arsalan now only owed less than 500,000 rupees.
The report noted the amount spent on Dr Arsalan’s foreign trips was less than Rs5 million.
It said that the woman, who was traveling with Dr Arsalan, was Khalil’s wife and he was also traveling with them.
Sources said that the commission also pointed out the lack of cooperation on part of Interior Ministry.


  1. So he did go on free junkets….this is acceptance of guilt…Chaudhry Ifti ….open your squint eyes…!

  2. dr Arslan is surely a weak area of Ch iftikhar but on the greed of his son who isaccurately trapped / caught by intelligence group, we cant risk of loosing ch Iftikhar.So punish his son as per state law if proved guilty.

  3. If he has returned the money, he has conceded to his wrong doings! Its time Ch Iftikhar acts completely bi-partisan and award punishment where due and sets a precedent which will define and shape up the moral fabric of this society for times to come.

  4. What nonsense. What has the chief to do with it. The matter is between two grown ups. Arslan has got no official status. The rich and filthy try their dirty game with all and sundry. It is high time that culprits who try to influence their greediness to limits should be tried and hanged publicly.
    Long live justice . May God give the chief more time in his seat to put this utterly corrupt functioniers of the public and government to sword.

  5. @ Zafar. The case is about corrupt practices of CJ son. I understand the confusion that people might have about living arrangment of CJ house. CJ son is not CJ. When time will come he will decide on the future of his son’s life. CJ recused himself from his son’s case. So if u are confuse about what will happen to CJ’s son. We will find out once the hearing date get called up to court. Untill than, waiting and keep your sharp tongue to youself.

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