CM promises to pay traders


Traders and property owners on Tuesday called on Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to complain about the difficulties they had faced as a result of the construction of the Metro Bus. Speaking to the chief minister at a meeting held in Model Town, they complained that they had not yet received payments for the properties the government had bought for the construction of the Metro Bus. Assuring the traders that their payments would be made soon according to market value, Shahbaz said that the Metro Bus project was a commendable welfare project that would not only revolutionize the transport system of the city, but would also promote business activities. He said that an eight kilometer flyover was also being constructed over the Metro Bus line to facilitate the flow of traffic.
He ordered immediate and smooth payments to all traders according to the market value of the land that they had sold to the Punjab government for the construction of Metro Bus line. He also ordered a tax rebate for traders so that their business activities would not be hindered.