Taliban collect funds from Karachi: Musharraf


Former President Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf has said that Taliban were present in Karachi and collecting funds from the metropolis.
Talking to a private TV channel on Monday night, he said that now sectarian issue has also arisen in Karachi.
On the issue of Kala Bagh Dam, he said that the Dam was in favour of Sindh more than any other province and must be constructed if we want to save Sindh from becoming desert again.
Musharraf said that water of moon soon rains could be stored in Kala Bagh Dam alone as Tarbela Dam was loosing its storage capacity.
The former president claimed that all the cases on him were political.
Musharraf said General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, former ISI chief, also suggested him to not come to Pakistan, adding that, he would be in the country at the time of general elections.


  1. There are two kinds of Taliban. One type is real TBNS and the one is Worst. Who are migrated from india and thier heads are operating from London

    • Dude, dont blame the whole Mahajir Quam for this, Liaqat Ali Khan, and lots of other big names are all mahajirs. What we are dealing with is MQM, and it is a terrorist party.

    • there is no such category of taliban as u r saying. Taliban is not a person or group rather it is the name of extreme pessimistic thinking nothing else. can u differentiate the works done by good or bad taliban ?? Obviously no. Because agenda ,policy and aim of whole lobby is same and all are infact ant Islam and anti state.

  2. They are all Saudi puppets, a new background check and security imprinting material should be used only for them if they are going to enter here, Their accounts should be checked and their past history of violence against any thing so ever. These Saoodi's are the shame kind of Muslimah, their Prince's / King's are the slaves of Money and been controlled by US and Israel. The true face of Wahabiyat is spreading inside Pakistan as you can see all the current situation of target killing for the belief of their own new Islam. They are the main reason of destablization right now and they should be sent back to SA.

  3. GEN MUSHARAF– why he did not build KBDam ? why musharaf did not deal with taliban ? why musharaf is hiding in london ? rumour is $5000 millions he looted from pakistan … why did pakistan army got beaten by indians in kargil –indians with poor arms -when musharaf was army chief ? WHY IMRANKHAN REJECTS MUSHARAF ? musharaf brought drones attack to pakistan … musharaf –anather corrupt KAAFIR GENERAL WHO ABUSED PAKISTAN PEOPLES ..


  5. mush– again ranting on tv interview part 2.. 11th hour — said its ok for generals to make millions by corruptions !!!!!! amazing !!!!!!! more amazing that this corruptscumbg coward kaafir killer was prezz army chief and chief martial law administrator .. but then he has been ALWAYS agent gulam of FIRANGIS and FIRANGIS installed him and he then allowed DRONES ATTACKS FOR USA CIA TO LAUNDER $12 BILLIONS ANNUALLY PAID DIRECTLY TO ISI WHOSE OVERALL CHIEF WAS MUSH FOR 15YRS !!!! NOW this kaafir wonna become imrankhan servant because mush knows imrankhan supported by isi shall be next pm !!!! IMAGINE MUSH WASHING DISHES AT IMRAN KITCHEN !!! STILL IMRANKHAN DOESNOT EVEN TRUST MUSH AS A SERVANT IN NEXT GOVT …

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