Engineering council sets precedence in on-grid solar power generation


An on-grid solar power generation system of 178 kilowatts (KW) installed at Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has set precedence as a role model for defining procedures and strategy at the national level for on-grid solar power generation.
This project is the first of its kind in the country, as the excess electricity would be delivered to the national grid under Feed-In-Tariff regime.
PEC Spokesman Mahmood Rehmani said that the project would prove to be an effective measure to overcome the energy shortage in the country, and there was a big scope for solar power generation with relatively less investment.
“We took many initiatives in terms of energy efficiency within PEC,” he said.
Energy audit of the main building of PEC was conducted and retrofitting was undertaken by replacing heavy lighting fixtures with energy savers and by using maximum day light by putting clear glass partitions and windows, the PEC spokesman said.
He further said that during the last financial year, PEC undertook a lighting transformation initiative, adding that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and energy efficient lights were installed in the office building to achieve lighting efficiency.
He also said the lighting load was reduced from 46KW to only 5KW through this initiative which saved enough electricity to light 50 houses.
The government under the Prime Ministers’ Initiative for Solar Power
(PMISP) had extended a grant of Rs. 75 million to PEC, he added.
Under the project, PEC was installing 500 watts to 5KW stand alone solar power systems at various engineering universities, commercial areas and religious places, he said.
The aim of the project was to spread awareness and popularize renewable sources of energy in Pakistan. For the purpose, an exhibition and awareness campaign would also be launched throughout the country during the implementation phase.