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Sikh with a turban to protect the Queen

British born Sikh will be the first army soldier to guard Buckingham Palace wearing a turban instead of bearskin to perform ceremonial duties.
Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar, 25, who joined the Scots guards this year, has been given permission to wear a turban outside Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth, breaking the hundreds-of-years-old tradition. Soldiers guarding the Buckingham Palace always wear bearskin.
Bhullar has refused to cut his hair, beard and want to protect the Queen while wearing his turban. He is based at Wellington Barracks in Birdcage Walk. The base is used by soldiers from the Scots Guards’ F Compan, who at present are responsible for public duties and guarding the Queen.
According to military sources, Bhullar, who is from Birmingham, is expected to parade for the first time next week. When he marches with his colleagues he will become the first guardsman not wearign a bearskin.
Traditionalists in the Scots Guard say the allowances made for Bhullar will make the whole company look ridiculous to tourists and onlookers. The regiment traces its origins back to 1642 and its soldiers have worn bearskins on parade since 1832. Family sources said as a devout Sikh, it is mandatory for Bhullar to wear a turban. It is intended to protect his hair, which he never cuts, and to keep it clean. For centuries, Skihs have worn turbans in battle and fought as part of the British Army – including Bhullar’s grandfather, who served in the Second World War. Bhullar’s father spoke of his pride and condemned the bullies. “He is one of only 20 to 25 British-born Sikhs in the British Army.”
A Ministry of Defence person said, “The Army takes great pride in its diversity. Discussions are underway between this unit, the Sikh community and the MoD. The individual will have the full support of the Army and his colleagues.”

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