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SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club Website launched

The SEPLAA Foundation has launched its first children’s project the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club in Pakistan, which is the first international forum being run by children for children. The official website was also launched alongside the main project. During the ceremony, children took part in art activities and were later introduced to the club by the SEPLAA YLC founder, Ammara Farooq Malik. Later they were shown the website and were told about the ‘Children’s Voice’ Blog on the website where the children’s articles, stories and art work about Pakistan and its social issues would be posted for the world to see. The SEPLAA Foundation was founded by Ammara in 2009 to pay tribute to the determined and positive spirit of her daughter Amal who had been packed cells dependent and required blood transfusions since birth. Her sister Dina was the donor who helped save her sister’s life when Amal needed two dangerous bone marrow transplants in Italy when Amal was just 4 years old and again when Amal was 5 years old.

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  1. Mrs. Tanveer said:

    The above information is erroneous as far as the names are concerned! The SEPLAA YLC is being run by two children. The Founder of the SEPLAA Young Leaders' Club is Amal Farooq Malik (Age 9 years) and Co Founder is Dina Farooq Malik (Age 7 years). Their mother Mrs. Ammara Malik is the Founder of the parent organization the SEPLAA Foundation. Please correct the above information!

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