Fatima Bhutto rejects reports on political embarking


Fatima Bhutto, granddaughter of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and daughter of the late Murtaza Bhutto, has rejected reports that she planned to contest the upcoming elections. In a tweet on her Twitter, Fatima said,
“The Tribune story exists only in the galloping imagination of the author. It is obviously, wildly untrue.”The English daily had on Saturday quoted Fatima’s mother Ghinwa Bhutto as saying she planned to begin her political career. Ghinwa reportedly said that Fatima would contest the upcoming election from Liaqatpur tehsil in Rahim Yar Khan for the NA-192 seat.


  1. Its a shame that she won't enter politics. She would have been good. I have personally met her and believe that she would have been sincere in trying to make a difference in Pakistan.

  2. No doubt that she is capable of making a difference in politics but will not be tolerated by the PPP in power now. Feudal culture does not allow any female with competence and qualities to take part in politics as it threatens the Iron grip of corrupt rulers.

  3. @ammar,agree with u. not just benazir bhutto,now fehmida mirza, sassi palijo, hina rabbani khar, etc and many other women legislatures r powerful and articulate politicians . however,it seems fatima z afraid of electoral politics.her mother ghinwa z also a failed politician .even ppl of larkana donot vote 4 her party

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