Security guard shoots wife, her mother and brother


A man opened fire at his mother-in-law, brother-in-law and wife over a family dispute killing the mother-in-law and critically injuring the other two over a family dispute in Manawa area. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, two people died when they opened fire at each other at a motorcycle rental shop in Fataygarh area of Harbanspura.
Per details, Ghulam Abbas, a security guard, shot his wife Rafia, brother-in-law and mother-in-law who were shifted to Ganga Ram Hospital where his mother-in-law succumbed to her injuries while hospital sources said that Rafia and her brother were also in danger of losing their lives. Police arrested Abbas, confiscated his weapon and started investigation. In Fataygarh, reports said that Qaisar visited Asif’s shop to rent a motorcycle where the two entered into a dispute when Asif refused to rent a motorcycle to Qaisar. In the heat of the arguments, both men shot each other sustaining severe injuries. They were shifted to Services Hospital in critical conditions where they could not be revived. Sources said the incident had arisen out of an old enmity between the two.


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