6 Sindh MPAs resign over dual nationality


Six members of the Sindh Assembly resigned from their offices on Saturday to avoid being disqualified by the Election Commission for not submitting their affidavits regarding dual nationalities.
Those who resigned include Sindh Finance Minister Murad Ali Shah, Sindh IT Minister Raza Haroon, Sindh Sports Minister Mohammad Ali Shah, Sindh Technical Education and Mines and Minerals Minister Sadiq Memon, and assembly members Askari Taqvi and Abdul Moiz Siddiqui. Their resignations have been accepted by Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khoro. Haroon and Mohammad Ali Shah belong to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement while Murad Ali Shah and Sadiq Memon are members of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party.
The Election Commission of Pakistan’s deadline to file affidavits expired on Friday. As many as 16 lawmakers from the national and provincial assemblies have failed to file their affidavits. The ministers who resigned are likely to be made advisers and will be given charges of their respective ministries.


    • But the 'BITTER TRUTH' is that the law does not allow its law makers to have dual nationality.

  1. usa – offers nationality BY LOTTERY to europeans –how many pakistanis shall apply for the usa citizenship lottery if offered to pakistanis ?

  2. It is good to get rid of these liars who violated the law. They must be asked to return all the benefits they received during the time they were holding public offiice

    • Very surely so asked to return the public money and there are grounds for these. These individuals preferred the nationality of another country over the Pakistan. They could have simply reneged the other nationality and continued to be the law makers; that is the BITTER TRUTH.

  3. It is not enough that these people resigned. They must be punished for voilating the law and lying on the application form to run for elections. If they are not punished severely, it would only encourage others to do the same and hope that they don't get caught. The fear of severe punishment has to be there to deter this kind of fraud and deception.

  4. 170 COUNTRIES allow full dual nationality including uk usa canada europe — many uk MPS and LORDS have uk and pakistani nationality passports .. why dual nationality is bad for pakistani mnas senators ?

  5. 6 resignations — reason — wellfed dualnationality holder lives longer than starving pakistani in pakistan .. only this week greece ambassador has raised the issue of illegal pakistani immigrants mafias in greece which is already having severe financial problems and austerity measures … well reported fights between various pakistani crime mafias operating in greece .. are pakistani crime mafias in pakistan more PATRIOTIC than dualnationality holders elected representatives ? EITHER ABOLISH DUAL NATIONALITY TOTALLY OR ALLOW FULLY .. BY CLEAR LAWS ..no forked snake tongues .. not even by judicial mafias ..

  6. list of pakistani leaders families holding 4 nationalities is circulating on the web –no reported denials yet ..

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