PML-F appeals to observe ‘black day’ today


PML F Sindh ladies wing media coordinator Shama Munshi has appealed to the people of Sindh to observe “Black Day” and complete shutter-down strike on the call of Sain Pir Pagara against the black law of “SPLGO” and abusive remarks of PPP male ministers against the female law makers of PML F during the Sindh assembly session of November 15. She asked the masses across the province to observe a complete shutter-down strike by staying themselves indoor and keeping their business, transport and vehicles closed. She said all the political parties of Sindh except MQM and PPP are supporting November 30th strike including PML-N, PML-Q, PML like-minded group, ANP, NPP, Sunni Tehreek, Jiye Sindh, Jamiat-Ulmaey Islam and many other nationalists and religious parties. She said November 30 peaceful strike will create a new history against the derogatory behavior of PPP ministers against the sisters, daughters, and mothers of Sindh and in future nobody will be allowed to humiliate Sindhi daughters.
She expressed the hope that the masses would resist and reject this dual law of SPLGO which is a conspiracy to lay foundation of carving out another province out of Sindh by observing successful peaceful strike of Nov 30th. She hoped that PPP will soon be compelled to abrogate this black law and their ministers will resign as a token of begging pardon from the daughters of Sindh.