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Lahore to get 5 new graveyards

The Punjab government has completed a work plan for construction of five new graveyards after shortage of graves in Miani Sahib and other graveyards of the provincial capital.
If you live in Lahore and by fate’s decision any of your relative passes away, your biggest cause of worry is to get a proper place to bury your loved one. But most of the graveyards in Lahore, educational and cultural capital of Pakistan, are already facing extreme shortage of space to make new graves.
Media reports said that after shortage of graves, provincial government decided to develop five model graveyards near Gujjar pura, Jhedu, Hadyara and Bhesan area. “A recommendation of graveyard in Kot Abdul Malik area is also under consideration,” sources added.
Sources further said that each graveyard would have the capacity of 100,000 graves. “Government is consulting with experts regarding design and construction for the facilities of Parking, flowers and other shops, passage for funeral bus and other vehicles and proper place for funeral prayer,” said sources.
Sources also said that in first phase sites for initial three graveyards in Gujjar pura, Jhedu and Hadyara areas have been inspected.

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