It’s a Zionist conspiracy


And how the men of our land of the pure are men of honour

This morning greeted me with another disgusting example of a Zionist conspiracy – never before has an enemy been so persistent in their efforts to destablise an unsuspecting nation. The smarter ones out of us are able to question the times we live in and ask: why do they hate us so much? We do nothing to harm them. Ever. Where is this nation to hide? What is this nation to do? We can only depend on God ultimately to keep us safe, because our own intelligence agencies and espionage missions fall short of producing any good results. This time they struck in Sheikhupura – it’s troubling to note that they’ve infiltrated even smaller towns and are moving past their agenda against our urban cities.

Muhammad Boota reportedly agreed to harvest crops for Mara Jat and Zaheer Jat. And when he was done he went up to the landlords and asked for his money. Mara Jat and Zaheer Jat dutifully arrived at his house, with a bunch of their goons, to give the man his honest day’s work worth of cash. But that is where things got ugly. That is where the Zionists struck. Before the poor landlords knew what hit them they had tied both Boota and his wife up. It was a clear case of black magic, the chants of which could be heard in the dead silence proceeding the terrifying moment where both the Jats realised that their own actions were beyond their control. It was as though Satan himself had been inducted into their hearts by the Zionist conspirators.

What followed is nothing short of a tragedy for the Jats. You see they are men of honour, they are men of class – as all landlords in Pakistan are, just as most men are. That honour was tarnished by Boota’s daughter Samia (13 years), and his nieces Farha (15 years), Saima (18 years), Irum (13 years), and Safia (14 years). With their vixen like allure and their devious ways the young, almost childlike girls trapped the men with their charm. The men begged God for help but Satan was strong at that hour, and Satan pushed their lusts out of control. A small mistake will now be called gang rape forever. Think about it, what normal man would want to rape one woman? Let alone gang rape five teenagers! Of course, their hands were forced. There’s no other explanation for it. But all’s not lost, those five girls will not be able to tarnish these men any further. A medical exam has been ordered by the court and there’s no way they will ever be able to prove any wrongdoing as long as their case is fought within Pakistan. Our legal system was established to ensure that no innocent man is ever hurt by a malicious woman crying rape.

The teenage girls in the house have been approached by Zionist movements in the past and had refused to help, but at the insistence of their RAW connections finally relented. Musharraf spoke the words of truth when he said that women in this country get themselves raped to get foreign visas and immigration opportunities; he really hit the nail on the head with that one statement. So in exchange for a glamourous life abroad the little girls agreed to enticing the Jats and their goons – and all they had to do was exist. It was that easy. The sad part is that now the media and everyone in general will once again blame the poor men in the country. Pakistan will once again be painted as the place where all happy devils live and women are subjected to great violence and abuse for no reason. The world doesn’t know how eager women are to collaborate with Pakistan’s haters, however.

You’ve got one case after the other of women working ever so hard to smear shame all over this nation. And all in the name of rape. Within Lahore, the arrest and investigation into FIA’s assistant director in September became further proof that RAW and Zionism is working fulltime. The weird part was that the woman kept insisting that the men had tried to silence her with Rs 5,000, when it was crystal clear that she was the one who lured them towards herself. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume that it was she, who was tried giving them Rs 5,000 to do the deed and then cried wolf later. These practices are running rampant in all parts of our social setups – be it a runaway girl from a remote area like Mansehra or students in Islamabad. They’re either wearing terribly revealing clothes, or talking to boys, or they just walk outside their homes. And it doesn’t matter if they’re as little as 4 years of age, or as old as 60; it doesn’t matter if they’re illiterate or have certification as doctors; nothing matters when it comes to women getting their way in this country.

This world would have been a much better place if the Zionists and RAW agents that plague us never existed – we must find a way to stop them from collaborating with the women here, while we’re at it. All Pakistan wants to do is stay safe and prosper. All Pakistanis want to do is treat each other with love, respect and care. This nation wants to see her people move forward, in spite of their gender, class, cast or creed. This nation wants to give room to everyone to grow.

If only it weren’t for those damn Zionists.

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    Thanks for writing …
    Every voice counts …
    Thinking about the amount of social injustice in Pakistan, I won't even be able to figure out where to start …
    God bless your heart …

  2. Pathetic!!! This is one of the reason I left Pakistan. I don't know where this whole nation is heading. Brutality is @ its peak. Can't say more, Anyway I like your article.

  3. As an actual Zionist (meaning Jew), I see that you have not escaped our influence. Your sarcasm is very, very, very evil. Next thing you know – you'll be drinking blood of little babies.


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