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An evening to remember

Most of us would not care to attend screening of movies as they are a waste of one’s time. This notion quickly disappeared as one entered the stage set by Bilal Mukhtar Events; proudly presented by Diet Pepsi. A perfect milieu for the most anticipated movie of the year the Twilight saga which has reached its befitting finale. The entire place was given a make over and done up beautifully to attract a horde of guests who form who’s who of Lahore.
A magical scene straight out from the novels was arranged for that feel that takes ones breath away on the first glance. Wilted, dried crushed leaves were strewn across the path that leads to the canopy which had gold-dusted pebbles, cascading water falls and candle lights arranged for a dreamy-look. The guests that included the likes of Noman Ejaz, Juggan Kazim, designer Kamiar Rokni, ace photographer duo Athar Shahzad, Maheen Kardar, Maram Abroo, super models and others were ushered into the cinema hall to witness the on-screen chemistry shared between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, heart throbs of the present generation.
The film begins with Bella (Kristen Stewart) settling in her new life as a vampire and motherhood, however soon afterwards a misconception caused the Cullens and Wolf pack to stand against the Volturi. This also includes Denali Coven and the nomads who stand as witnesses against the Volturi. The epic tale is the resilience of the Cullens in their final effort to survive. The dramatic fight sequences are brilliantly enacted and cinematography deserves special mention.
Twilight-Breaking Dawn 2 has all the ingredients to make it big in the world of cinema and it has already crossed the US $150 million mark. It’s not just any regular vampire based flick; the diverse story line and intense performance from its cast members is what makes Twilight a special film. Natasha Hussain who was hosting the red carpet at the event was in awe of the whole presentation. ‘The dream-like images with lights coming out from the leaves and shimmering affects can only be described as sensuous,’ she proclaimed.
Diet Pepsi is a premier product whose contribution is to boost the current film circuit which is itching to get back to its feet. ‘We are pleased to announce that such type of endeavors will continue till we are able to encourage maximum participation from the public by creating an awesome cinema experience for them,’ Adnan Abbasi, National Accounts Manager of Pepsi Co said. ‘We started out with our first such venture with the premier of ‘The Avengers,’ which set the ball rolling for us and a great chance to provide quality entertainment to an already deprived cine goer,’ Abbasi said.
Bilal Mukhtar should be lauded for his efforts; aptly chosen by Diet Pepsi for his flawless management of affairs he is someone who needs no introduction in the business. ‘I wanted to make full use of the space to create an image which is not just pleasurable to watch but it should be able to speak the language of joy that I want to share with people,’ he said. Upbeat about the whole collaboration with Diet Pepsi he believes that such initiatives give an ideal boost to the entertainment starved. Just like the way a composer knows what to compose, Bilal knew exactly how to recreate the magic of the realm of were-wolves and vampires by using the elements of water and smoke so that the cycle continues to create a resonance on you.

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