PTI supports Sindhi nationalists’ strike call


Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, Thursday, announced full support to the strike call given by the Sindhi nationalist parties against dual local body system.
Imran Khan said that Sindhi nationalists and Pakistan Muslim League-Functional chief Pir Pagaro had given strike call against dual local government system introduced in the province of Sindh by Sindh government.
In a statement, Imran Khan said that his party would never allow any move to divide Sindh and it thought that different systems for rural and urban Sindh was the first step in this regard.
“We will continue our support to the nationalist parties of Sindh until and unless the dual local body system is not repealed,” Imran Khan said in his statement.
Appreciating the all efforts done by Awami Tehreek, PML-F and other nationalist parties, Imran Khan said that the sacrifices made by the Sindhi people against the dual system would never go wasted.
Khan said that poor people of Sindh were being victimized for voting in favor of the PPP and they had to face worst kinds of floods over the past three years and they were never been rehabilitated since.
“On the other hand, worst kind of law and order situation was prevailing in interior Sindh and the people were left at the mercy of dacoits, killers and thugs and people were being kidnapped for ransom”.