Over Rs 4 lac robbed in one day!


Criminals on Wednesday continued their activities across the city.
According to details, robbers stole goods worth Rs 250,000 from Zain Computer Center in the area of Township.
A citizen named Zaheer was robbed by robbers in the area of Green Town. According to reports, two robbers snatched Rs 80,000 cash, mobile phone on gunpoint and escaped from the scene. Another robbery took place in the shop named Malik Mobile Center in the area of Baghbanpura. Reports claim that three robbers entered the shop forcibly and robbed goods worth Rs 300,000, thousands of cash and escaped from the spot.
Nida Chaudary, a famous stage actress, also lost her car from her doorstep in the area of Johar Town.
There was also a major police crackdown on criminals across the city.
According to police sources, two drug dealers, named Sabar and Dildar were arrested and two-and-half kilogram hashish was recovered from their possession in Baghbanpura area.
In another raid, police arrested seven gamblers from Baba Jamil Dara in the area of Kotlakhpat, and recovered thousands of cash, mobile phones and two-and-half kilograms of hashish from their possession.
Police also arrested a Nigerian citizen named Stephen and recovered one kilogram heroin and one kilogram hashish from his possession from Kotlakhpat Railway Crossing.
A shoot out between police and robbers resulted in the police arresting one robber where his two accomplices managed to escape.