Riaz decides to sue against Arsalan in London


Former chairman of Bahria Town Malik Riaz has decided to file a case against Arsalan Iftikhar in London on the charges of extortion of money.
Suleman, son-in-law of Malik Riaz has hired the services of lawyers in London in this connection, according to a private TV channel.
Son-in-law of Malik Riaz has taken the plea that Arsalan Iftikhar grabbed million of rupees from his father-in-law by blackmailing him. This is extended to shopping by Arsalan Iftikhar and his family, their stay in hotels, tickets for traveling and cash money, he added.
Suleman alleged money was extorted from his father-in-law through blackmailing which was a heinous crime in the light of law of the state.
When contacted, Dr Abdul Basit, counsel for Malik Riaz confirmed that preparations were underway to register a case against Arsalan Iftikhar in London and services of the leading lawyers were being hired on this count.
On the other hand, Malik Riaz said that he was not expecting any justice from the Suddal Commission as it had made all arrangements to acquit Arsalan Iftikhar. Therefore, he had decided to initiate legal proceedings against Arsalan Iftikhar in London as the amount in question was extorted from him in London, he added.
He said he had resorted to lawyers in connection with recovery of the amount. “We have never been deterred nor will be deterred from Suddal Commission. This commission is not parading neutrality in conducting the investigation”, he alleged.
“Witnesses of this case want to come from London to Pakistan but they are receiving threats of dire consequences, therefore, I have decided to launch legal proceedings against the accused in London for the sake of justice, he stated.


  1. That is like a good boy.This is right case at right place but here his intention is just to malign the repute of judiciary under Ch Ifitkhar and no doubt he was successful in this game of mud throwing to each other and tremble the trust of people on judicary .Again Iftikhar proved his firmness.Good luck to him as MR is also this kind of man who cant not accept defeat on easy terms.

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