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US announces $150 million for Mangla dam expansion

The United States on Wednesday announced a grant of 150 million dollars for the expansion of the Mangla Dam power plant.
The project is expected to generate 310 megawatts of electricity.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the project at Mangla Power House, US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said the US would provide 150 million dollars for the expansion of the Mangla power station.
Olson said a meeting of the Energy Working Group would be held in Islamabad in the month of December, adding that, the construction of the Diamir-Bhasha Dam was a priority for the US.
Addressing the ceremony, Chairman Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) Syed Raghib Abbas Shah said 400 million dollars would be spent on the expansion of the Mangla power house which would be able to provide additional production for the next 40 years.
“The fourth phase expansion work will begin in March 2012,” Shah said.
Moreover, he said that the feasibility report of five mega projects was in the process of completion.
He also said that in the next five years, 5,000 megawatts electricity would be added to the national grid which would benefit 1 million consumers.
While Talking to newsmen after inaugurating Mangla powerhouse expansion project‚the US Ambassador Richard Olson has said that joint cooperation between Pakistan and the United States is needed to defeat the common danger of terrorism.
He said his country acknowledged the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war on terrorism.
The ambassador said the United States is ready to help Pakistan overcome energy crisis and will provide 150 million dollars assistance for up-gradation of Mangla powerhouse.
He said Diamer-Bhasha Dam is among the US priorities.
To a question‚ Richard Olson said the meeting of Pak-US Strategic Dialogue Economic Working Group will be held in Washington next week. Besides‚ Pak-US energy working group will meet in Pakistan next month.

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  1. said:

    US announcement of providing financial assistance for mangla dam power expansion project and for Diamer Bhasha Dam is commendable gesture. It is urged that both the projects be completed in least possible time to meet energy crises in Pakistan. Rather US ought to take up Diamer Bhasha dam , pooling up its financial resources as well as its implementation on similar lines as was done in case of Mangla dam in early sixties.

  2. Alia said:

    Since Pakistan was created – USA has always been a major donar in nearly every aspect of life, be it basic-education, health, infrastructure development, military, defense, nuclear technology, sports, arts, tourism, assistance in war-against-terror, security and law enforcement, dam building, higher-education, media related training and space technology, training of army, airforce, navy, etc and name any other aspect of our daily life – but we people are always so rude and unthankful and always spread hate against USA – what a pity and shame on us.

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      Alia you are absolute right. Being ungratful has become a part of our psyche. It is not only for usa but in every sphere of life. If i were to translate a Norwegian saying it would amount to"being ungratful is a human right"

      • Alia said:

        If i correct 150million dollars = nearly 15 billion Pak Rupees – its a very huge amount (and again i say – its a GRANT)

    • Mian said:

      Alia! Its just popular anti-Amrican sentiments; traumas of mediocre! Needs no worry baby!

  3. Shakeel Ahmad said:

    All this just because pakistan has signed an agreement with Iran for gas! wake up!

  4. shaue said:

    USA is sustaining to overcome the energy crisis that is the global diplomacy and that is so. well PAKISTAN needs to do something to get out of the issues like energy crises and other issues

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