Pakistan People’s Party cultural wing Hyderabad has organized a ceremony to celebrate the 28th death anniversary of revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz here on Monday November 26. According to the press release issued here Tuesday the chief guest of the ceremony was Sarfaraz Rajar advisor to chief minister. Speaking at the event Sarfaraz Rajar has said that Faiz Ahmad Faiz was one of the most prolific poets of the 20th century, Faiz was a humble person with an optimistic approach towards life. His love for humanity was free of the prejudice of race,colour or nationality. Apart from being an innovative poet, he was the poet of beauty and love, and for him, there was no difference between the three; love, beauty and revolution had become identical in him. Aziz Memon General Secretary PPP cultural wing Hyderabad, Ghullam Hussain Khaskheli and others also highlighted the life of revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was born in 1911 at Sialkot. He began his career as a lecturer in English at Amritsar. After the Second World War, he turned to journalism and distinguished himself as the editor of The Pakistan Times. He was charged with complicity in the Rawalpindi conspiracy case and condemned to four years’ imprisonment in 1951. The jail term gave him a first-hand experience of the harsh realities of life. Two of his books, Dast-e-Saba and Zindan-Nama are the products of this period of imprisonment. As a poet, Faiz began writing on the conventional themes of love and beauty, but soon these conventional themes got submerged in the larger social and political issues of the day. In the matter of diction and style, Faiz may be called the inheritor of the tradition of Ghalib.