Facts speak the other way


Apropos to Hamid Mir’s article in an English daily dated 24 November, 2012. The plea and arguments, advanced by Hamid Mir in support of rendering an apology to Bangladesh for the alleged violation of human rights by Pakistan army in the former East Pakistan during 1971, are emotionally charged that fail to hold water when seen in the historical perspective. Events in East Pakistan, documented by many of the historians, negate the propaganda against Pakistan army, suggesting that it was ‘Mukti Bahini’, trained and abetted by India, that let loose the killing spree of West Pakistanis stationed in East Pakistan. The mad boys of Mukti Bahini obsessed with vengeance and venom did not spare the innocent children and women even.
To substantiate my point, I would suggest to Hamid Mir and people of his ilk to just go through the accounts of Mukti Bahini’s barbarity and beastly acts in books titled ‘The Liberation War’ by Muhammad Ayub and A K Subramanium and ‘The Hope of Bangladesh’ by Anthony Mascarenhan. Both these books exonerate Pakistan army of the alleged crimes that people like Hamid Mir often refers to. People like Hamid Mir, in their enthusiasm to earn a repute of being the champion of human rights and freedom of expression, very conveniently overlook the other side of the story and only refer to certain out of context things to twist the facts.
Mujib’s claims in his memoir apart, what is Hamid Mir going to offer about Mujib’s protest in Quaid-e-Azam’s speech at Dhaka and his later Indian connections, exposed in Agartala conspiracy, aimed at liberating East Pakistan from Pakistan? On can quote many speeches of Mujib, Awami League leaders and the activities of Awami League student wing in Dhaka University against Pakistan and for the establishment of Bangladesh. However, due to space problem, I earnestly appeal to Hamid Mir etc to please don’t play into the hands of enemy by blaming the army and ask it to render an apology for ‘imaginary crimes’. The demand is highly unjustified and unwarranted that must not be entertained on the rhetoric of some elements who are all out to undermine the prestige and image of Pakistan Army.