Liaquat Baloch demands immediate formation of interim government


Jamaat e Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch on Monday said that the present government, having completed its term, had no justification to delay the elections.
Addressing the two-day leadership course organised by the Punjab JI for district level JI leadership at Mansoora, Liaqat said that an interim government should be set up forthwith, with the consultation of the opposition and other political parties to hold fair, free and transparent elections.
Baloch said that the entire country was suffering from lawlessness and unrest. The present rulers had completely failed to provide any relief to the masses, he said.
He said that the judiciary in the country was free and now there was no scope for any supra-constitutional dispensation or the induction of any technocrat premier from abroad.
The army, too, would not step in politics nor would it play any role in the change of government, he added.
Baloch stressed that the Election Commission should be completely independent and the presidency and civil bureaucracy should be impartial so that the electorate could choose its representatives without any pressure.