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Hungry rats gorge on newborns in Holy Family Hospital

Expecting mothers now face an unexpected threat at Rawalpindi’s Holy Family Hospital – infant-eating rats. Panic spread in the labour room of the hospital with the discovery of two newborns – one dead, one alive – severely bitten by hungry rats.
According to details, Tausir Ahmad from Sarai Kharbuza came to the hospital on Monday with his wife Rahila, who gave birth to their first son. After the delivery, she was shifted to the ward and the newborn was put outside the labour room, on a table. Meanwhile, a Pashtoon woman gave birth to a dead baby. The hospital staff also placed the deceased infant on the table, next to the living one. The staff then forgot them, and started attending other emergency cases.
When Rahila’s relatives demanded that the baby be brought out of the labour room, they were told that the infant could not be handed over without submitting a copy of its father’s national identity card. The argument consumed two hours as the relatives kept demanding the baby. On their insistence, a nurse went in to see the child. However, she was shocked to see a big rat nibbling on the baby’s face, as the poor infant cried in pain. Other rats were gorging on the dead baby. Upon seeing the horrible scene, the nurse cried, prompting other staff members to rush in. The injured baby was given immediate medical aid, and the dead baby was handed over to its heirs.
Initially, the staff tried to hide the actual situation from the parents. But after the relatives raised hue and cry, they were told what exactly had happened to the two babies.
The hospital’s medical superintendent has formed a four-member investigation team to probe the incident. Doctors however said that the condition of the baby was not serious.

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  1. Moazzam Salim said:

    Was the other baby already dead or died from rat bites?

  2. Chris Miilu said:

    What difference does it make? Rats in a hospital with access to babies, dead or alive?!!

  3. Syed Fahad said:

    Not serious? Are you kidding me? After being GNAWED on by a rat carrying, at the very least, a robust strain of Rabies and possibly the bubonic plague?

    • shumaila said:

      yes nd thy r playing with lives of people so they should b punished for it

  4. umer said:

    rats in hospital.this is pakistan.
    we love such pakistan.
    shameful news for hospital management.
    responsibles should be punished.

  5. joe said:

    stupid country and stupid people living in 7th century i am glad move out of that S**t hole to this heavenly place call USA the Great

  6. joe said:

    instead of paying attention to babies these nurses arguing about ID cards while Rats snacking on babies faces. Shame on you people you all should be punished heavily.

  7. Sarwan Muzzafar said:

    Horrible incident. Such kind of incidents take place in many hospitals specially in government hospitals. The administration is failed to fulfill their duties. So many issues are arising every day but no action is being taken in this regard.

  8. Susan Marko said:

    Aren't hospitals supposed to be as sanitary and hygienic as possible? Even one rat is supposed to be unacceptable, but this many – and in the labor room no less – just tells me that either this place shapes up or it has to be shut down.

  9. charliejacobs174 said:

    Horrible! How could a hospital let rats roam around the hospital. Sanitation is always on top in hospitals/ They should call a professional exterminator with good equipment like from QSpray to eliminate all those pests.

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