ATC sends accused of threatening to blow up interior ministry building on 14 day remand


Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Tuesday sent Tariq Mehmood, an accused who threatened to blow up Interior Ministry’s building with explosive device, to jail on 14 days judicial remand.
During the hearing, the accused told the court that he did not give any threat through telephone to Interior Ministry and the incident happened due to misunderstanding.
He further told the court that secret agency traced the call by IMEI number of the mobile phone, adding that more than one IMEI numbers were used in chain mobile.
ATC judge Javed Iqbal sent the accused to jail on 14 days judicial remand.
It is worth mentioning that the accused, Tariq Mehmood, was a constable in patrolling police and he allegedly called Interior Ministry two days ago and threatened to destroy the building with explosive device. Secret agency personnel arrested the accused after tracing his call.
The accused was presented before the court in Vehari on Monday and the judge including sections of terrorism against him sent the case to special anti-terrorism court.