7 burnt to death in Lahore van cylinder blast


Seven people including four family members killed after a passenger van’s CNG cylinder exploded in Lahore on Monday, officials said.
According to police the sad incident took place on Multan Road, near Manga Mandi, suburb area of Lahore.
The cylinder blew up due to a fire which erupted after the fuel tank of the passenger van had exploded, Motorway police officials said.
A couple, their two children and one unidentified man died on the spot while several others sustained burning injuries, police officials said.
The rescue teams rushed to the scene and shifted wounded to Jinnah hospital.
A Civil Society Front (CSF) report released in April revealed CNG cylinder explosions had caused as many as 2,000 fatalities last year. This figure, the report maintained, was four times the number of people killed in American drone strikes in 2011.


  1. This incident is very sorrowful and shameful to the Government of Pakistan as they have no controls over the quality of CNG cylinders systems.The Police Department is useless department which does not care for the common man.nearly all the owners of the vehicles on the roads for public transports are manged and run by police officials.Why they have no check on the maintenance of 100 % of international law standard items. There are more accidents and what about in the hot weather .for Allah`s sake Police Departments must take precautionary steps to minimize these accidents and make the common man`s travel easy and more SAFE .DO NOT PASS THE SUB-STANDARD VEHICLES FOR FEW RUPEES, BE AFRAID OF Allah.MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING ONE DAY WHEN THEIR FAMILIES WOULD BE TRAVELING ,IF THESE TRAGEDIES HAPPEN WHAT SHOULD BE THEIR RE-ACTION.

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