Growers, millers jubilant on ECC decisions


Growers, sugar millers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Friday reciprocated the decision of federal government for increase in the support price of wheat and allowing the export of surplus sugar as a step forward towards bringing agricultural revolution and improvement in the socio-economic conditions.
On the growing demand of both growers and sugar milling industry, the Economic Coordination Council (ECC) has decided 14.3 per cent increase in the support of price of 40-kilogram wheat as compare to the price of commodity last year.
The support price of wheat, which was last year Rs.1050/- per 40 kilogram for coming crop has been fixed Rs.1200/-. Similarly, the ECC has also allowed the export of 400,000 tons of sugar.
The decisions of the democratically elected is attracting appreciations not only from farmers and millers, but also from common man, saying the measures will encourage bringing maximum agricultural land under the cultivation of wheat and sugarcane in the country.
In this connection, when APP contacted Murad Ali Khan, a leader of a growers’ association in fertile district Charsadda, appreciated the decisions, adding it will prove beneficial for both growers and sugar millers. He said that the present government since coming into power had consecutively increased the support price of wheat, which had ushered better results.
He said that due to the pro-farmers policies, the country which few years backing was importing wheat and sugar is now exporting both commodities and earning foreign exchange for the country.
Murad Ali Khan said that increase in the price of support price of wheat and allowing of sugar export will not only improve the socio-economic conditions of farmers, but will also stabilizes the financial viability of sugar industry in the country.
Ameerullah Khan, another grower said that the decisions will increase domestic production of both commodities and strengthen the national economy.
He said that the decision will help bring maximum area under cultivation and the country will come into position of exporting wheat and wheat products.
On contact, Talehmand Khan, a manager at Khazana Sugar Mills (KSM), Peshawar welcomed the decision of allowing the export of 400,000 sugar, adding it will benefit both sugar mills and growers. He said that the decision will bring positive impact on the socio-economic conditions of farming community and will guarantee sufficient supply of sugar for domestic needs.
He said that last year, sugar mills 500,000 ton sugar against domestic demand of 44,00,000 ton. He said that the surplus sugar that was laying in the godowns of sugar mills will now be exported to earn foreign exchange.
He said that this year, the country is likely to produce 1.6 metric ton surplus sugar. The export of sugar, he said will enable the mills to make payments to growers on time.