US, West wants a weak Pakistan, says Iran’s Ahmadinejad


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday said that United States and some western countries do not want to see a strong and prosperous Pakistan
Addressing a news conference at the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran has some solid information that United States and some of the western powers want to weaken Pakistan.
Terming the D-8 conference a positive move, he said the world is heading towards a major change and soon these dark days will be over.
“We have to create a new world based upon the principles of freedom, justice, understanding and mutual respect,” he said. Defending the rockets fired by Hamas on Israel during the recent conflict in Gaza, Iranian President said that self defence is the basic right of every nation.
“A Zionist regime on the lands of Palestinians is the basic cause of this conflict. This Zionist state was created to destabilize the region,” he said. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad maintained that Zionists are naturally coward and criminal minded.
“They still have not responded to the questions being raised regarding the Holocaust,” he said.
He further said that ‘these cowards were defeated by Hezbollah and Hamas’.
He said that the issue of Palestine could have easily been resolved by holding free and fair polls.
Answering a question, he said that a possible Israeli attack on Iran was not possible at the time-being because Israel is waiting for the right time to harm Iran.
“And this is not that time,” he added.
“Israel very well knows that Iran does not believe in aggression, but we will defend our soil and knock them out if we need to,” he added.
Regarding the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline, Iranian President confirmed that the part of the IP gas project in Iran was under rapid progress and near completion.
“As per the agreement we expect Pakistan to complete their part of the work soon,” he said.
He also disclosed that Iran and other Muslim countries have offered financial assistance to Pakistan for the completion of the project.
He said that US pressure against IP Gas project would not affect the venture and their interference in the issue would prove to be useless.
Iranian President warned the US to bring an end to their meddling in the issues of other countries.
“The US has very long hands and a very long tongue, and keeps poking its nose into the affairs of every country,” he said.
“Iran wants this project to be completed by 2014 and that is how it will be,” he added with determination.
He said that Iran is providing electricity to Pakistan and revealed that another accord has been inked under which a further 1000 mega watts of power will be supplied to Pakistan, he said.
Regarding sectarianism in Pakistan, the Iranian leader said that colonial powers are behind the promotion of sectarianism among Muslims.
“However, the Muslims should stay united because their God is the same,” he further added.
“The Holy Prophet (S) fought 70 battles in which only 400 lives were lost. Our Prophet (S) never believed in the killing of innocent human beings. Had the Holy Prophet (S) lived in this age, he would never have had permitted sectarianism,” he said.


  1. saluate to this man … we wish we have such kind of leadership in our country … our leaders should take lesson from this … be untie and try to understand your enimies and frnds

  2. May God grant you Muslim brothers and Sister Courage For all the Moslem wold to Renate and bring that tru faith what should of been from the start but it took so many Muslim life befor you have realised what the Zionists want wake up brothers may Allha keep to strong and Courage ..

  3. iran prez — weakens ISLAM by loudfoulmouthing like a street peddlar — he is no world statesman –hated by majority of iranians with public demos against him ..

    pakistan is not weak –armed with 100 atom bombs which IRAN DOESNOT HAVE . ayotullah khomeini radicalism weakened ISLAM ..

    PAKISTAN WEAKNESS==MAD BAD MULLAS AND CORRUPT KAAFIRS RULERS SINCE 1947 !!!!! PAKISTAN ATTACKED INDIA X4 TIMES –thousands soldiers dead seriously injured on both sides == no win ==defeats for pakistan .. where the hell was iran prez then muslims were mass murdered by china –ugrumuslims ?

  4. Wise statesmanship demand that all conflicts, the world over, be resolved through negotiations and not through wars, so that peace could be prevailed and people could live and progress peacefully. Waring nations including Iran should learn lessons from history. In wars, innocent poor people are massacred for no fault of theirs.

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