Traffic diversion plan devised for Muharram processions


A special traffic plan had been devised for the capital city to divert traffic from routes where processions would pass on the 8th and 9th day of Muharram. The special diversion plan aimed at facilitating commuters in view of Muharram processions, and alternate routes for traffic had been pointed out. In addition, parking of vehicles and the presence of all types of carts on passages of processions had been banned.
A special meeting presided by Traffic SSP Dr Moin Masood was held at the traffic headquarters on Thursday. DSPs and inspectors of all zones participated in the meeting.
Duties of personnel with reference to processions starting from Jamia Murtaza, G-9/4, on the 8th day of Muharram and from Central Imam Bargah, Asna Ashri, Sector G-6, on 9th Muharram were finalised.
The procession from Jamia Murtaza, Sector G-9/4 will conclude at Imam Bargah, Imam As-Sadiq, Sector G-9/2. Areas including Street 54 of Sector G-9/4, Rohtas Road, Kashmir Highway, Double Road Sector G-10, Sawan Road, Ibn-e-Sina Road, and Street 11 of G-9/2, would remain closed for all types of traffic.
Luqman Hakeem Road, Poly Clinic Chowk, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Kulsoom Plaza Chowk, 7th Avenue, Iqbal Hall Chowk, Lal Masjid Chowk, and GPO Chowk would remain closed for all kinds of traffic, with regard to the procession on 9th Muharram that will start from Imam Bargah, Asna Ashri.