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Polyclinic needs a parking lot

Citizens expressed grave concerns over the lack of proper parking facilities in front of Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic).
Polyclinic, being the second major hospital of the federal capital, accommodates a large number of patients from the city and other remote areas. However, patients and attendants do not have a place to park their vehicles despite the huge inflow.
Citizens talking to INP complained that the hospital administration had occupied a link road next to Argentina Park by placing barriers, and the link road had been rendered useless.
They said that if the hospital administration could not provide a parking facility, it should allow them to park their vehicles on the link road.
A patient Muhammad Uzair said that they were not allowed to park vehicles in designated areas due to the barriers. “We are left with no other option but to park vehicles in no parking zones” he added.
Shaukat Imran, an attendant, said that vehicles parked in front of the hospital increased the patients’ problems and patients in critical conditions had to be off loaded on roads and then taken to the emergency department. He said that there was a dire need to solve the issue.
The Argentinean embassy had gifted Argentina Park to the hospital administration for expansion purposes but work on that had not started yet.

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