No need for army action in Karachi: Kayani


Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani on Thursday said there was no need of a military operation in Karachi, as Pakistan Rangers were maintaining law and order in the city effectively.
Kayani was apparently responding to demands from politicians to launch an army operation in Karachi.
He clarified that a civil government placed the demand under the constitution and the army could not take control of the city by itself.
The COAS said military contingents were ready to maintain stability during Muharram, adding that they would cooperate in every possible manner with the civil administration in this regard.
He mentioned that military had been deployed in almost all sensitive areas of the country. On Wednesday, IG Sindh Fayyaz Leghari said an army operation should not be conducted in Karachi and the capacity of the paramilitary forces already present deployed in the city should be increased. He said the army would not be called in during Muharram and they had only been asked to remain on standby. Earlier, lawmakers from the Awami National Party (ANP) demanded an immediate military operation in the troubled city, saying the Sindh government had failed, while Karachi’s ruling party, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), staged walkouts from both Houses of parliament to register their protest against the government’s inaction.


    • There are many players in Karachi and there has to be a political resolve to address this situation.

      • Agree. kiayani can easily be replaced by any living breathing thing. Unfortunately he has surrounded himself with cowards just like him. It aslo shows a lack of self confidence for not allowing a capable General to take a key position in the army. You can call it self preservation.

  1. Rangers ; Need to Organize Themselves . People do not know how to contact them in Emergency . And Where to Covey / Share the Information , Ideas to rangers . Please Mull ……

    • It is the job of the Government to provide security and maintain Law and Order. Judiciary has to adjudicate on cases where there is a dispute of either a civil nature or a violation of criminal law.

    • No need for army rule in KARACHI. Recommendations to improve the situation in K exist. They need to be implemented without favour or ill will.

  2. Kiayani will shy away from any confrontation with any one. All he is interested in is his job. He should ride around in Karachi on a bicycle or a bus and see how safe he feels if he thinks that rangers are doing a good job. Once retired, and his bullet proof official Mercedes is taken away, he won't step out of his house untill he dies.

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